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Waterfront homes for sale in Oakland County Michigan 

5 most expensive lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County as of March 16, 2017 

If you have worked hard all your life or if you just won the lotto you may be wondering what will five million dollars or more will buy in in a lakefront home in Oakland County.  These custom built luxury Oakland County lake estates are sure to amaze you with all the fine workmanship and custom finishes.  Painstaking care by the builders with all the elegant touches are sure to please even the most discriminating buyer.

These 5 most expensive lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County Michigan sit on some of the best lakes we have.  One of them is on Island Lake in Bloomfield, and the others are on Orchard Lake, Lower Long Lake, and Turtle Lake.  Turtle Lake and Lower Long Lake are not all sports lakes.

Lakefront homes in Oakland County Michigan

These waterfront homes range in size from 4000 square feet to over 17000 square feet.  Gourmet kitchens, soaring great rooms and foyers are just two of the fine features you will find in these homes.  These waterfront estates sit on parcels of land ranging from .75 acres to over 7 acres in size.  You will find beautiful crown molding, and stately master suites fitting for a king and queen.  Huge walk in closets and amazing master baths too.

If you are truly in the market to buy a beautiful luxury lakefront estate home be sure to give me a call at (248) 310-6239.  These homes are not open to the public.  You must have a pre-approval letter or proof of funds to even see these lakefront homes.

                                  Click here to see more of the 5 most expensive lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County  


Homes for sale on Oakland County Lakes

So many different lakes in Oakland County.  Big lakes, small lakes, all sport lakes, non all sports lakes.  Michigan's Department of Natural Resources reports Oakland County has 358 lakes. Oakland County Parks says the number is 1,468.  I think the last number is way off, unless they are counting all the small ponds scattered throughout the county.  My thoughts when I first started this website back in 2008 was to provide my clients and other web surfers a comprehensive guide to the lakes.  Every year when I list a home, or go out and show homes I learn more about Oakland County Lakes and the various houses on the lake.  Then I add it to the website.  The Southeast lake home search on the site can give you an idea of which lake and the prices for the type of lake house that fits you and your families criteria.  At any time feel free to call me on my cell at (248) 310-6239 or email with questions (  I have helped hundred and hundreds of people find their dream home and sell their homes, so feel free to reach out.

                                                                                                                                       Russ Ravary 

Oakland County Lake Homes - How to find your dream waterfront home

Finding your dream lakefront home in Oakland County Michigan may be a little harder than you think.  If this is your first time buying a waterfront home then it may surprise you on how many factors that you did not think about when contemplating a lake house.  It is harder to find that perfect house, but let me tell you the lake lifestyle is well worth it.  In fact I believe many times most lake home buyers only succeed at buying a lake home because they are willing to compromise on what they want.  The home buyers that "have to have" this or that, many times never buy a lake home.

If the house and it's features are more important than achieving the dream of living on the lake then you may be one of those home buyers that never live on the lake.  Many times it is because the home buyers wants are not possible in that price range.  You have to remember a similar home in a subdivision could anywhere be from $100,000 to $500,000 more on a lake.  Lake property is in demand and you will not get the same house on the lake for the same price that you would off.  The key is being flexible and giving up on find the absolutely perfect house.  Find the "close to perfect" house so you can live on the lake.  Here is a list of chain of lakes in Oakland County

Metro Detroit lake home for sale

Buying a lake home in Oakland County will bring you so many great memories with family and friends.  Down deep many lake home buyers are what I call "water people".  They have a deep connection to water.  It makes them feel relaxed, and happy just by looking out on it.  If you are one of those people that feel contented when around water lake living will make your life so much more fulfilling. 

So what are some of the items you are going to consider when buying a lake home are:

  • width of the lake frontage                                  - lake bottom in front of the homes (sandy?)                                  - parking
  • closeness of neighbors                                      - type of home next door                                                              - type of neighborhood the lake house is in
  • parking                                                            - is the house on a hill or flat ground                                              - layout of the house
  • layout of the house on the property                    - all sports lake or not                                                                  - private or public lake
  • amenities on the lake

Silver Lake home for sale in Waterford MIYou usually do not have these considerations when looking at homes off the lake.  You have to remember there are very few "modern" waterfront homes out there.  What I mean by that is there are fewer homes that were built after 1990.  Many of them were built to fit the land.  Many of them were lake cottages that have been added onto multiple times.  Sometimes the layouts are odd to what we are used to.  Some lake homes are "shotgun" homes that are long and narrow.  Many lake homes in Oakland County are unique.  It is rarer to find a "normal layout" simply because most lake houses are custom built or remodeled to the owners own lifestyle.  They may not fit you or you may have to adapt to the style.  Remember it is also all about lake living.  So to be successful in finding your dream lake home you need an open mind.  How can you and your family fit into that waterfront home?  Can you give up on one of those "must haves" to enjoy the lake lifestyle.  Sure sometimes it all comes together and you find the perfect home, but each year I can count 10 or more buyers that didn't find that perfect home.  Times that by all the other realtors out there and there are many people that never buy.  It is about setting the expectations right upfront to the home buyer.  Then you just have to make the decision yourself. 

Here is more information on homes for sale on Oakland County Lakes.  You will find an indepth list and lots of great info on this page.  Or scroll down and see the list of individual lakes and click on the lake you want to know more about.

I understand lake homes and know our local lakes so I can help make your search easier.  As you go through this website feel free to call, text, or email me with questions about the homes or the lakes. 

My cell is (248)310-6239,


List of Genessee County Lakes  

List of Livingston County Lakes

List of Oakland County Lakes

List of Washtenaw County Lakes

List of Wayne County Lakes


 Oakland County Lake Homes For Sale


How to get top dollar for your Lake Home for sale in Oakland County MI 

If you are wondering how to be the best price possible for your waterfront home, it is quite simple. Have the updated move in ready lake home.  It sounds simple, but there are other factors involved.  You should not just go out and spend gobs of money to sell your home.  Nor should you spend the next 3 months of your life getting your home ready to sell. 

The key is having a good lake realtor like myself come out and look at your waterfront home.  I can give you advice on what makes sense financially and time wise to get your home ready for sale.  You want to focus on what will impress the buyers.  You do not want to invest $50,000 in a new kitchen when you could have just spent $6000 to put new granite and new cabinet handles on. You want that $6000 to make your house worth $6000 plus more.  You want that investment to add pizzazz to your house, so potential buyers will love your kitchen. Helping sell your home because you did a small kitchen update.

My experience in working with Oakland County waterfront home sellers and buyers will save you time and money.  I always tell my sellers is that you want to make it look great, but on a landlord's budget.  You have to get a good return on your investment.  Re-painting, and upgrading the flooring are the two biggest bangs for your buck.  Your time is valuable, so there is no sense doing things like drywalling a garage when they don't bring a return to you.

It's also all about staging your lake house for sale.  Doing the simple easy things that some real estate agents forget to tell you.  Staging the outside of your lake home is just as important as the inside.  Working together we can more for your lake home.   

Lakefront Homes for Sale Oakland County Michigan

Here is a list of lakes in Oakland County alphabetically

Oakland County MI Lakes A - E

Oakland County MI Lakes F - K

Oakland County MI Lakes L - M

Oakland County MI Lakes N - S 

Oakland County MI Lakes T - Z

 Lake Orion in Oakland County MI

Are you looking at lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County Michigan?  Then you have come to the right lake website with over 300 pages of indepth local lakefront home and Oakland County lake information.  It is a good real estate market with prices slowly rising.  The higher priced lake homes have fewer buyers in 2014.  I have sold more lake homes in the under $300,000 market.  I have quite a few buyers looking for the special home buy they cannot find one yet. The lakefront real estate market is much stronger in the $150,000 to $300,000 range.  This site has more information on so many lakes in Oakland  county Michigan than any other website in the area.  We have real estate information on lakefront homes including recent sold prices so you can gauge what is going on a particular Livingston County Lake or Oakland County Lake.  We also try to give you whether it the lake is a private or an allsports lake in Oakland County Michigan.  Information you will find here is lake rules, depth, size, water source, and any other information we have gathered by talking to residents of the lake.

I myself live on White Lake in White Lake Township.  I love the lake living life style, and I think you will to.  That is why I love helping lakefront buyers and sellers.  I believe it is the best place to live.   One of the biggest comments I get from my lake home buyers is why didn’t I do this years ago.  Nothing is more relaxing to come home after a long day at work and just relax on the deck looking out on the water.  You don't have to pack up the car to drive to the lake you live there!   You will be able to be relaxing on the water while other people are driving 3 -5 hours in traffic coming back home from up north.   Your neighbors and friends will drop by on the boat and ask you if you want to take a short ride on the lake now and then.  A lakefront home in the area makes it so much easier for you to invite people over.  What is nice is that they can go home and not have to spend the night.    You will find the friendships you form on the lake will be life long friendships.  So come explore the many lakes Oakland County MI and the other four southeastern Michigan Counties have to offer. 

                                                                                   Lower Long Lake homes in Oakland County  Just an example of a beautiful home on Lower Long Lake

There are so many different types of Oakland County MI Lakes & Livingston County MI  lakes.  We have

  • Electric motor only lakes  such as Bogie Lake White Lake MI or Green Lake West Bloomfield MI
  • Large public all sports lakes like Cass Lake Waterford MI or Duck Lake Highland MI
  • Chains of lakes – like the Portage Chain of Lakes in Livingston County
  • Lakes with easy highway access like Woodland Lake Brighton Michigan, or Whitmore Lake in Livingston County Michigan
  • Small Lakes l like Darb Lake West Bloomfield  MI or Lake Shangrila Hamburg Township
  • Lakes that have a subdivision feel like Voorheis Lake Orion MI or Long Lake Hartland Michigan
  • Lakes that have luxury estate homes on them like Lake Angelus Oakland County or Walnut Lake West Bloomfield Michigan

Oakland County lake condos for sale

Whether you are a fisherman, a nature lover, or an avid watersports enthusiast there are lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County Michigan and Livingston County (Wayne, Washtenaw, and Genesee too) that has the type of lake you are looking for.  Our local lakes have a variety of wildlife through out the year.  Many times we have different types of birds on their way through because the lake may be in their migration path.  Swans, geese, and ducks are plentiful on the lakes.  So go get your binoculars and get ready to enjoy the wildlife viewing. 

Not  only are there so many varied types of lakes in southeastern Michigan, but there is a wide variety of lakefront homes for sale in Oakland County MI and the surrounding counties.  Looking for a cabin under $200,000 within an hours drive of  Detroit we have them.  Ranch style homes, Bungalows, Tudor style, colonials, and split levels are all around here.  Newer built homes will really cost you on the lakes but they are around.  Looking for a luxury lakefront estate home? We have over thirty homes that are priced over a million dollars in Oakland County alone.  Year round , summer homes, or weekend retreats you can find a lakefront home for sale in Oakland County that fits your wants and desires.  You will find homes with the latest amenities and open layouts.  You will find lakefront homes for sale in Livingston County, Genessee, Washtenaw, and Wayne too that make so many people happy.

Of course the lake frontage varies from house to house.  I recently sold a lakefront house in White Lake that was only on 23' of lake frontage.  But there are some lots that have over 200 foot of lake frontage.  Finding acreage in southeastern Michigan on a lake is rare.  It will be pricey but there are some out there.

The lake season is short here in Michigan but the hours of fun you, your friends, and family have will be remembered for years and years.  So why wait?

I know the lakes and lake real estate prices real well.  I will work hard to find you a home that you and your family will love.  Give me a call and let’s get starting making your dreams come true.

Here are some quick links on this website that will help you find the best lakefront home in Oakland County.  Little factors whether the lake is an All sports lake or not.  Or a public lake or not.

Lakes in Oakland County MI


Lakes in Livingston County MI

Lakes in Washtenaw County MI

Wayne County Lakes

Genessee County Lakes

Alderman Lake

Algoe Lake

Bald Eagle Lake

Bass Lake

Beaty Lake

Bevins Lake

Big Lake

Big Seven Lake

Big Silver Lake

Big Walters Lake

Bogie Lake

Brendel Lake

Bridge Lake

Buckhorn Lake

Bush Lake

Carroll Lake

Cass Lake

Cedar (stringy Lakes)

Cedar Island Lake

Cemetery Lake

Chalmers Lake


Charlick Lake

Chittenden Lake

Clam Lake

Clark Lake

Clear Lake (stringy Lakes)

Commerce Lake

Cooley Lake

Cranberry Lake Clarkston

Cranberry Lake Oakland Twp 

Cranberry Lake White Lake Twp

Cranbrook Lake

Crescent Lake

Crosby Lake

Crotche Lake

Crystal Lake

Darb Lake

Deep Lake

Deer Lake

Dickinson Lake

Dixie Lake

Dow Lake

Duck Lake Highland

Duck Lake Orion

Dunham Lake

Dunleavy Lake

Eagle Lake

East Bridge Lake

East Graham Lake

Echo Lake

Elizabeth Lake

Elkhorn Lake

Fenton Trout Ponds (#1)

Fenton Trout Ponds (#2)

Fiddle Lake

Fish Lake

Flanders Lake

Foley Lake

Forest Lake

Fox Lake

Galloway Lake

Geneva Lake

Gilbert Lake

Glass Lake

Grass Lake

Gravel Lake

Gravel Pit

Green Lake

Greens Lake

Hammond Lake

Hart Lake

Hartwig Lake

Harvey Lake

Haven Hill Lake

Heather Lake

Heron Lake

Hickory Ridge Lake

Hidden Lake

Highland Lake

Holdridge Lake (east)

Holdridge Lake (west)

Honeywell Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Huff Lake Brandon

Huff Lake Highland

Huntoon Lake

Indianwood Lake

Island Lake Bloomfield

Island Lake Novi

Judah Lake

Kellogg Lake

Kent Lake

Knoblock Lake

Kregor Lake

Lake Angelus

Lake Louise

Lake Neva

Lake Oakland

Lake Ona

Lake Orion

Lake Sherwood

Lake Sixteen

Lakeville Lake

Lantern Lake

Leggets Lake

Leonard Lake

Lester Lake

Little Lake

Little Cedar Lake

Little Morgan Lake

Little Seven Lake

Little Silver Lake

Long (stringy Lakes)

Long Lake Commerce

Long Lake Orion

Long Lake Stringy Lake Oxford

Loon Lake Waterford

Loon Lake Wixom

Lotus Lake

Lower Long Lake

Lower Pettibone Lake

Lower Proud Lake

Lower Straits Lake

Maceday Lake

Mandon Lake

Manito Lake

Mead Lake

Meadow Lake

Mickelson Lake

Middle Lake

Middle Straits Lake

Milford Lake

Mill Lake

Minnow Lake

Mirror Lake

Mohawk Lake

Moore Lake

Morgan Lake

Morris Lake

Murray Lake

Narrin Lake

No Name Lake

Oakland Lake

Orange Lake

Orchard Lake

Otter Lake

Oxbow Lake

Oxford Lake

Parke Lake

Peninsula Lake

Pettibone Trout Pond

Phipps Lake

Pickerel Lake

Pine Lake

Pleasant Lake Waterford

Pleasant Lake West Bloomfield

Pontiac Lake

Prince Lake

Rattalee Lake

Reed Lake

Robinson Lake

Round Lake

School House Lake

Scott Lake

Sears Lake

Seymour Lake

Shoe Lake

Silver Lake

Simonson Lake

Sodon Lake

Softwater Lake

Spring Lake

Square Lake Bloomfield

Square Lake Orion

Squaw Lake (Stringy Lakes)

Stewart Lake

Stison Lake

Stonewater subdivision lakes

Stony Creek Impoundment

Stoney Lake

Strawberry Lake

Sugden Lake

Susin Lake

Sylvan & Otter Lakes

Taggett Lake

Tan Lake (stringy Lakes)

Teeple Lake

Tipsico Lake

Tomahawk Lake

Tommys Lake

Townsend Lake

Tull Lake

Union Lake

Upper Long Lake

Upper Pettibone Lake

Upper Proud Lake

Upper Silver Lake

Upper Straits Lake

Valley Lake

Van Norman Lake

Voorheis Lake

Wabeek Lake

Walled Lake

Walnut Lake

Walters Lake

Waterbury Lake

Waterstone Lake

Watkins Lake

Waumegah Lake

West Bloomfield Lake

West Bridge Lake

West Graham Lake

Whipple Lake

White Lake

Wildwood Lake

Williams Lake

Wing Lake

Wolverine Lake

Woodhull Lake

Woodpecker Lake

Woodruff Lake Highland

Wormer Lake


Ackerman Lake

Appleton Lake

Bain Lake

Base Line Lake

Bass Lake

Baetcke Lake

Beaver Lake

Bennett Lake

Big Portage Lake

Bishop Lake

Bitten Lake

Blaine Lake

Briggs Lake

Brighton Lake

Buck Lake

Bullard Lake

Cedar Lake

Chain of Lakes

Chain of Lakes part 2

Chemung Lake

Chilson Pond

Clark Lake

Clifford Lake

Clough Lake

Coon Lake

Cordley Lake

Crooked Lake

Deidrich Lake

Driscoll Lake

Duck Lake

Dunham Lake

Durfee Lake

Earl Lake

East Crooked Lake

Euler Lake

Fish Lake

Fonda Lake

Frog Lake

Gallagher Lake

Gosling Lake

Grand Beach Lake

Grumelot Ponds

Gut Lake

Halfmoon Lake

Hamburg Lake

Handy Lake

Hayner Lake

Henderson Lake

Herndon Lake

Hiland Lake

Hoffman Lake

Hoisington Lake

Howe Lake

Huron River Chain of Lakes

Inchwagh Lake

Indian Lake

Island Lake

Joslin Lake

Lake Chemung

Lake Herndon

Lake Shangrila

Lake Shannon

Lake Tyrone

Lime Lake

Limekiln Lake

Little Appleton Lake

Little Crooked Lake

Little Long Lake

Lobdell Lake

Long Lake

Louis Lake

Lower Chilson Pond

Lyons Lake

Maltby Lake

Marl Lake

Maxfield Lake

McIntyre Lake

Mohican Lake

Monahan Lake

Moon Lake

Mud Lake

Murray Lake

Mystic Lake

Neff Lake

Oak Grove Mill Pond

Oneida Lake

Ore Lake

Pardee Lake

Patterson Lake

Pinckney Mill Pond

Pleasant Lake

Portage Lake

Portage Chain of Lakes

Reed Lake

Round Lake

Runyan Lake

Rush Lake

Ryan Lake

Sandy Bottom Lake

Sayles Lake

School Lake

Shangrila Lake

Sheets Lake

Silver Lake

Spring Mill Pond

Strawberry Lake

Tamarack Lake

Teahan Lake

Thomas Lake

Thompson Lake

Tioga Lake

Tipsico Lake

Tyrone Lake

Wallace Lake

Watson Lake

West Crooked Lake

Whalen Lake

Whitewood Lakes

Whitmore Lake

Williamsville Lake

Winans Lake

Woodland Lake

Woodruff Lake Brighton

Zukey Lake

Argo Lake

Barton Lake

Base Line Lake

Belleville Lake

Big Silver Lake

Blind Lake

Bounce Lake

Bruin Lake

Canfield Lake

Cassidy Lake

Cavanaugh Lake

Cedar Lake

Clark Lake

Columbia Lake

Crooked Lake

Cunningham Lake

Dead Lake

Doyle Lake

Eagle Lake

Ellsworth Lake

First Sister Lake

Ford Lake

Four Mile Lake

Frain Lake

Geddes Lake

Gorman Lake

Green Lake

Halfmoon Lake

Hankard Lake

Hiland Lake

Hinchey Lake

Horseshoe Lake

Independence Lake

Iron Lake

Island Lake

Joslin Lake

Kelly Lake

Lake Inventory Map

Little Cedar Lake

Little Portage Lake

Little Silver Lake

Losee Lake

Long Lake

Mill Lake

Mirror Lake

Mud Lake

Murray Lake

North Lake

Papermill Lake

Park Lake

Peet's Lake

Pete Lake

Pendergast Lake

Pickerel Lake

Pleasant Lake

Portage Lake

Silver Lake

Snyder Lake

South Lake

Sugar Loaf Lake

Sullivan Lake

Superior Lake

Sylvan Pond #1

Sylvan Pond #2

Sylvan Pond #3

Sylvan Pond #4

Third Sister Lake

Tobin Lake

Trambly Lake

Walsh Lake

Watson Lake

West Lake

Whitmore Lake

Wild Goose Lake

Wild Lake

Winnewana Lake

Belleville Lake

Bennett Lake Channel

Byram Lake

Dollar Lake

Lake Fenton

Lake Ponemah 

Lake Shinanguag 

Lobdell Lake

Marl Lake 

Pine Lake

Squaw Lake

Silver Lake


Shinanguag Lake

Silver Lake

Lake home buying tips 

Michigan inland lake laws



Oakland County Lake Homes for Sale 

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