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Russ Ravary
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Belleville Lake Homes and Belleville Lake real estate

 If you are looking for a good realtor that really knows his stuff and has over 15 years of experience then you have come to the right place.  Buying a waterfront home is a dream for many home buyers and my goal is to help you achieve that dream.  Many lakes have different factors.  For example lakefront homes in Waterford are on city water and sewer whereas waterfront properties in Highland are on well and septic.  Little things that I have picked up over the years as which lakes are due for a big assessment because sewers are coming in is important to lake house buyers.  

You don’t want to buy a home and get hit with a big assessment.  Or you don’t want to buy a home on a canal to find out that it isn’t deep enough for your boat.  Or that there is a culvert that a new pontoon can’t go through.   The unknowns can be costly.  That is why I put together these webpages to explain about our local lakes in Oakland and Livingston County.  If you have questions about waterfront homes on Belleville Lake in Van Buren Twp. Michigan always feel free to reach and call me at (248)310-6239 or email me at   Search the newest lake listings, properties , and homes by map.  Zoom in on the lake or area to find your next home.  

Why pay too much to some real estate agent?  When you sell your home..... keep more of your money and your homes profits by hiring a great realtor with a low commission rate.  Save thousands and thousands of dollars on your real estate commission.  Call Russ today to see how much you can save when listing your home  248-310-6239


Belleville lake Belleville Michigan


  • Cities the lake lies in                Belleville & Van Buren
  • School district for the lake       Van Buren
  • Streets around the lake are       Paved
  • City water                                 some city
  • City sewer                                    some city
  • Canals on Lake                           yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake            yes
  • Water-ski course                          N/A
  • Condominiums                              no

Call or Text me @ (248) 310-6239

If you are looking for a good lake realtor to help you find the best deals on a lake home.  I know the local lakes and can save you lots of time and stop you from making a bad decision on a SE Michigan lake home.  

Belleville Lake front homes range from 700 square foot to over 3800 square foot. There are ranchs, cape cods, tudors, contemporary, and colonials that dot the lake. Belleville Lake waterfront homes range in age from the 1920's to 2010. The lakefront properties that have been for sale lately range from $50,000 to over $700,000, in the last 3 years prior to 2011.

Belleville Lake homes MI

Between January & October 20, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

44407 HARMONY LN 2500 2000 241 0.6457 3097 1960 N
43315 ALVA DR 75000 82000 332 73.2142 1120 1942 Y
43242 E HURON RIVER DR 147000 120000 388 85.7142 1400 1957 N
100 MELODY LN 129900 140000 67 61.9469 2260 1946 Y
1131 E HURON RIVER DR 149000 149000 14 125.3153 1189 1939 N
12783 LAKE POINT PASS 157000 153500 1 123.9903 1238 1954 N
310 N LIBERTY ST 153000 161100 62 68.9935 2335 1929 N
48397 DORA CT 199900 175000 4 125 1400 1953 N
48450 ORMOND 198000 187000 235 237.3096 788 1949 N
44176 HARMONY LN 277500 250000 57 73.5294 3400 1976 N
13115 ORMOND DR 269900 253575 207 113.0013 2244 1959 N
12173 RYZNAR DR 259900 255000 188 162.5239 1569 1947 N
49310 PENINSULAR DR 274900 274900 78 90.6961 3031 2005 N
11736 JUNIPER DR 299900 290000 50 131.8181 2200 1958 N
12651 LAKE POINT PASS 369900 340000 1 118.4668 2870 1950 N
281 E HURON RIVER DR 385000 365000 51 149.2842 2445 1951 N
49377 PENINSULAR DR 369000 367850 11 112.0469 3283 2005 Y

Here is a list of homes that have sold on the lake between 01/2011 and 11/15/2011

91 POTTER DR 3/23/11  635  635    600    1    1
40478 ALDEN RD 6/19/11  1700  1400    1516    3    1.1
1039 HURON RIVER 7/18/11  62,000  61,500  80.1  768    2    1
119 POTTER DR 10/19/11  164,900  154,000  114.1  1350    3    1
185 E HURON RIVER DR 5/20/11  174,900  175,000  58.31  3000    4    3
43260 HURON RIVER DR 6/10/11  229,000  215,000  129.91  1654    3    2
12815 LAKE POINTE PASS 4/19/11  269,900  250,000  102.9  2430    4    1.1
41941 INTERSTATE 94 SERVICE DR 7/13/11  299,900  275,000  190.9  1440    3    3
47020 DENTON RD 5/18/11  324,900  277,000  128.9  2148    3    2
11975 QUIRK RD 6/16/11  335,000  295,000  109.3  2700    3    2.1
46928 DENTON RD 11/8/11  334,900  316,500  133.0  2379    4    2.1
48932 PENINSULAR DR 9/26/11  345,000  355,000  116.9  3036    4    2.1
194 N LIBERTY ST 7/29/11  424,900  370,000  97.4  3800   5    5


Chilren that live on the lake attend Van Buren Schools.

There are so many different lakes out there.  There are hundreds of lakes in Oakland County and thousands of lake homes.  However lake homes do not turn over as quickly as regular homes.  Sometimes lake homes stay in the family for generations.  Some of my clients hang onto the lake home for years in the hopes the kids will want it.

But lets talk about narrowing your lake home search.  First of all where would you like to have the lake home at?  Does it have to be within an hour of work?  Or within a certain distance from your kids?  Next what type of lake are you looking for?  An all sports lake where you can use jet ski, tube, and wakeboard on?  Or would you prefer a quiet non-motorized lake?

Then what type of lake house are you looking for?  All of these items will help you narrow your search down.  Then you will not be jumping all over southern Michigan trying to find a home.  Give me a call on my cell phone if you have questions on where to start.  My email is and my cell is (248)310-6239  

Belleville Lake Van Buren Twp information and data

  • All sports                      Yes
  • Size                              1280 acres
  • Max Depth                  30 ft 
  • Private                          No
  • Water Source               Huron River
  • Public Access               Yes about 100 parking spaces
  • Public Beach                Yes
  • Lake Hours                   No
  • Public Park                   Horizon Park Belleville 

                                        Belleville Lake MI

More information about Belleville Lake Wayne County MI

  • 7 miles long
  • 25 miles of shoreline
  • total size of 1280 acres.

Belleville Lake in Van Buren / Belleville Michigan is really the major Wayne County's inland lake.   In the 1920's Thomas Edison purchased the land along a stretch of the Huron River and had a damn built that produced Belleville Lake.

Belleville Lake Michigan

Belleville Lake is an "all sports lake" and lots of area to water ski, wakeboard, knee board, and tube.  There is even a professional ski course on the lake


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Belleville Lake Location

Belleville Lake is located in both Wayne County and Washtenaw County MI.  It is West of S Metro Parkway and E of Rawsonville Rd, north of E Huron River/Textile and South of I-94. If you live downriver or work in Detroit it is a quick and easy ride right down I-94 to the lake.


Belleville Lake Fishing

Belleville Lake Fishing

Belleville Lake was restocked in the 1970's.  Back then there was a Nationwide push to clean up our lakes and rivers.  Belleville Lake and the Huron River were beneficiaries of that movement.    They lowered the lake and removed all the unwanted species of fish.  The re-stocked the lake with game fish.  Today Belleville Lake boasts excellent fishing for bass, crappie, catfish, and walleye.  They even have fishing tournaments on the lake now.

  • Largemouth bass
  • Smallmouth bass
  • Walleye
  • Crappie
  • Channel Catfish 

Do you have some history about Belleville lake that I do not have?  Let's preserve the past by sharing with others for future generations.  Send me an email to to share the lake and surrounding area's history.

Belleville Lake Access

    Boaters can gain access at a launch off Huron River Drive on the south side of the lake. A new access off Rawsonville Road on the lake's west end.
    Sandy's Marina -Full service facility located on the east end of Belleville Lake near the dam and the DNR ramp.  Two concrete launch lanes and one dock.  Bait shop, tackle, restrooms, gas dock, and licenses. Sandy's can get pretty busy on the weekends. Shore fishing is available at the end of the road.

Van Buren Township has a beautiful park on Belleville Lake.  The spacious 101 acre Van Buren Park is located next to the South I-94 Service Drive East of Rawsonville Road. The park features a swimming beach, picnic areas, a stage, as well as deer, owls and other birds and animals in a natural setting.


Buy and close on a lake house with Russ as

your  Realtor we will buy you one of these items

- Grill

- Kayak

- Smoker

- Lawnmower

- Snowblower

(Up to $500 in value


If you are looking to sell your Belleville Lake home give me a call.  You found me here on the internet, so will other lakefront home buyers that want a home like yours on Belleville Lake.  I have experience selling lake front homes.

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Russ Ravary your Wayne County lakefront real estate agent


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Lakefront Homes for sale on Belleville Lake in Van Buren MI & Sold Homes  

Here is a list of homes which sold in 2016 on this lake!


48445 BAYSHORE 2 2 1,318 $1,400 $1,400 11/18/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
  41539 S INTERSTATE 94 SERVICE 1 2 960 $1,550 $1,550 03/31/2016 Lake Front
  47505 N Shore 2 2 1,828 $2,100 $2,000 04/11/2016 Lake Front
  13137 LAKE POINT BLVD 1 3 1,350 $95,000 $91,500 07/14/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
  37 Potter Dr 2 1 992 $105,000 $100,000 03/29/2016 Lake Front
  48245 BAYSHORE DRV 1 2 1,818 $139,900 $137,300 02/01/2016 Lake Front
  48171 BAYSHORE 2 3 1,800 $164,900 $140,000 03/08/2016 Lake Front
  894 W HURON RIVER DR 1 3 1,000 $160,000 $144,000 11/03/2016 Lake Front
  48031 BAYSHORE DR E 2 2 1,978 $180,000 $180,000 05/11/2016 Lake Front
  43260 Huron River DR 2 3 2,254 $247,900 $230,000 08/30/2016 Lake Front
  132 N LIBERTY ST 2 3 1,450 $265,000 $265,000 03/23/2016 Lake Front
  151 E HURON RIVER 2 3 2,180 $299,900 $292,000 03/09/2016 Lake Front
  47500 W HURON RIVER DR 3 3 2,570 $429,900 $320,000 10/21/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
  47900 W HURON RIVER DRV 3 4 2,300 $350,000 $335,000 03/01/2016 Lake Front
  41150 LAKEVIEW CRT 1 3 1,606 $369,000 $369,000 10/20/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
  73 POTTER 3 3 3,020 $389,000 $389,000 08/19/2016 Lake Front
  44807 HARMONY LN 2 4 2,268 $420,000 $395,000 09/12/2016 Lake Front
  11716 JUNIPER DRV 3 4 4,320 $495,000 $465,000 06/10/2016 Lake Front
  11933 Belleville RD 3 4 2,236 $550,000 $514,000 09/23/2016 Lake Front
  929 E Huron River 3 5 4,149 $629,900 $575,000 07/21/2016 Lake Front
  12640 Stanley Rd 3 3 4,546 $689,900 $645,000 06/15/2016 Lake Front
  12916 Lake Pointe Pass 4 5 6,465 $965,000 $910,000 10/14/2016 Lake Front
Lakes in Oakland County Michigan

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