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Russ Ravary
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Cass Lake Waterford Township MI 

Oakland County Lake living.  I myself lived in Livonia for 23 years before I moved on a lake back in 2011.  It’s a great lifestyle.  I have had so many clients tell me that they had wished they had moved to the lake earlier.  When you move onto a lake I believe you become more social.  You tend to get to know your neighbors better.  You tend to be more active and tend to be outdoors more.  Family and friends want to come to your house and enjoy the lake lifestyle.   A warm beautiful day is an invitation to get out on the lake.  You tend to play hooky a little from work.  I know people that work from home that sometimes work with their computer in the middle of the lake.  They just float around in the sun working.  Now that is a life style that anybody should love. 

Cass Lake does connect to Dow Lake.  If you don't know Dow Lake, it is really just a small pond like lake that only has about 8 homes on it.  So you are not going to be skiing or anything on Dow Lake.  It is not much more than a small bay to putt, putt through.

Cass Lake Waterford Twp. 

  • Cities the lake lies in                          Waterford, West Bloomfield, Keego Harbor, Orchard Lake
  • School district for the lake                  Waterford, West Bloomfield
  • Streets around the lake are                  paved , private
  • City water                                            well, community, municipal
  • City sewer                                           sewer sanitary, sewer at street
  • Canals on Lake                                    yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                     yes
  • Water-ski course                                   n/a
  • Condominiums                                     yes 

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 Cass Lake homes West Bloomfield MI

Everybody has their own wants in a lake, and what they want to do.  This Southeastern Michigan lake website is here to help you understand about our local lakes.  I hope this webpage on lake homes for sale Cass Lake in Waterford Twp. Michigan helps you.  Always feel free to call me with questions or to get started on your lake home search.   My cell phone is 248-310-6239.   Search "Metro Detroit Waterfront Homes For Sale”


Ready to sell your Cass Lake home?  Give us a call on our cell phone (313) 310-9855!  We get the job done!

Cass Lake data

  • Cass Lake size                       1280 acres
  • All sports lake                        Yes
  • Wake restrictions                   Yes in some areas 
  • Deepest spot                          123 ft deep
  • Average Depth                       26 feet
  • Approx size                           .3 mile wide X 1 mile long
  • Public access                         Yes through Dodge Park
  • No# of parking spots              over 80 at public access
  • Public Beach                          unknown ( if you know email me
  • Marina on lake                       Ye
  • Shoreline                                Approx. 25 miles
  • Named                                   After early Michigan Governor Lewis Cass
  • Water Source                         Orchard Lake drains into Cass Lake




Cass Lake Waterford MI

Cass Lake was a glacial formed lake.  Between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. of the following day to operate a vessel at high speed or have in tow, or otherwise assist in the propulsion of, a person on water skis, water sled, kite, surfboard, or similar contrivance.

Boating rules on the lake.

1.)  Between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. of the following day it is illegal to operate a vessel at high speed or have in tow, or otherwise assist in the propulsion of, a person on water skis, water sled, kite, surfboard, or similar contrivance.

2.)  Illegal to operate a vessel in excess of 50 miles per hour.

Cass lake Map waterford MI

Cass Lake Keego Harbor MI

I am looking for local Oakland County lake association information and websites so I can add the link to this website so internet surfers that are looking for the lake association can find it.  If you have information about a lake association or it's website you can email me at  Thanks for all your help

Michigan home buyer bonusOne of the best parts of lake living is the nature and the wildlife that calls the lake home.  Some of our Michigan lakes are right in the migration path of many of the ducks and geese.  I sold a home on Independence Lake that had so many different ducks on it.  It was absolutely amazing to see the whole flock take off at one time.  It reminded me of my childhood when my grandparents to me to Jack Miner's bird sanctuary in Canada.

Our local lakes have mallards, wood ducks, geese, and  swans that are around most of the time.  Some people think the geese and swans can be a nuisance.  But there is something majestic about a swan swimming by.  Or funny when they have their butts in the air.  I know the sound thump, thump, thump of a swan taking flight.  It starts out awkward and then becomes a thing of beauty.

The sight of two swans squaring off over territory.  All these little things about life in nature.  It is wonderful!

If you move off the lake you will miss the sounds of the geese in the early morning.  The sights of the baby ducks all in a row each spring dutifully following their mother.  ( One time we saw a duck that had 18 little ducks swimming behind it)  That is some of the special highlights of living on the lake.    

Cass Lake Fish Species

  • Walleye
  • Northern Pike
  • Rock Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Blue Gill
  • Crappie
  • Lake Trout

Cass Lake fishing Oakland County MI


Check out this short video for more information on Cass Lake 

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Dodge #4 State Park (248) 682-7323

There is no camping in Dodge #4.  The park is about 139 acres and is located at 4250 Parkway Drive, Waterford, MI, 48327.  Vehicle permits are required.  There is a large bathhouse with changing courts and showers for park visitors who want to change and shower after their day at the beach. There is a small concession stand.  There is a large picnic ground with shaded and sunny areas, playground, picnic tables, and grills. Two shelters overlook Cass Lake. The shelters are by reservation only, and require a rental fee.  But remember there are alcohol restrictions at the park.

Cass Lake Keego Harbor MI

A sandy beach and a one-mile shoreline on Cass Lake makes Dodge #4 State Park an excellent location for summer and winter water activities.  Dodge State Park is known for its accessibility to Cass Lake for people who are interested in fishing, boating,  sitting on the beach, sailing, Ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Ice sailing is a new and increasingly popular sport on Sundays in the area. There are boat launches and a parking lot that can accommodate in excess of 80 vehicles with boat trailers.                                           

The land which now comprises Dodge #4 State Park was donated to the State of Michigan by the Dodge Brothers Corporation in 1922, under the stipulation that it always be maintained as a public park.

Cass Lake Sailing

Is a nice inland lake for sailing when the lake is not overrun by speed boats and waverunners.  I would sail on the week days if possible.  It is possible to sail 3/4 mile course in most directions.   Consider joining the Pontiac Yacht Club, a small boat sailing club, located on a less busy section of the lake with their own private launch.

Cass Lakefront homes for sale Oakland County

Usually there are a few Cass Lake waterfront homes for sale.  They are a mixture of colonials, ranches, bungalows, and even tri-levels.  The price range of Cass Lake waterfront properties range from a $100,000 to over a million dollars depending on the size and location of the home on the lake. 

Children that live on the lake would attend wither Waterford Schools or West Bloomfield Schools.

Cass Lake homes West Bloomfield MI


Click Here to get the latest list of lakefront homes for sale on Cass lake in keego harbor mi.


Here are all the Cass Lake homes that have sold in 2016

Address Baths Full Beds Total Sqft Combined List Price Close Price Close Date Waterfront Description
3553 PORT COVE DRV 2 2 1,120 $1,400 $1,350 01/12/2016 Lake Front
1118 PELHAM BLVD 2 3 1,000 $1,600 $1,600 08/04/2016 Lake Front
1677 CASS LAKE 1 1 763 $60,000 $60,000 06/09/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
3559 PORT COVE 2 2 1,198 $155,000 $152,000 10/04/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
5083 COSHOCTON DRV 2 3 1,225 $164,900 $158,850 02/17/2016 Canal Front
1702 OLDTOWN AVE 1 4 2,160 $179,900 $166,000 02/12/2016 Canal Front
1053 LALOND AVE 1 3 1,930 $169,000 $176,243 05/25/2016 Canal Front
3559 PORT COVE 2 2 1,266 $185,000 $185,000 06/06/2016 Lake Front
1034 PELHAM BLVD 2 3 1,431 $228,000 $220,000 03/30/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
3553 PORT COVE 2 3 1,422 $230,000 $220,000 07/08/2016 Lake Front
5096 CHEYENNE 2 2 1,391 $239,900 $230,000 10/11/2016 Canal Front
1034 PELHAM 2 3 1,431 $259,900 $253,000 12/07/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
1819 POST AVE 1 2 1,859 $255,000 $255,000 10/26/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
2142 PARK CIR 2 3 1,582 $350,000 $295,000 09/29/2016 Lake Front
3565 PORT COVE 2 2 1,623 $300,000 $300,000 08/22/2016 Lake Front
1806 ALLENDALE AVE 2 3 1,808 $318,600 $305,000 06/13/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
1802 ALLENDALE AVE 2 3 2,343 $324,000 $311,000 04/13/2016 Canal Front
4773 CHIPMAN DR 2 4 1,471 $359,000 $328,000 07/06/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
1520 WAYWARD DR 2 3 2,031 $360,000 $347,665 05/16/2016 Canal Front
1125 OREGON BLVD 1 3 1,994 $359,900 $365,000 09/07/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front
1137 OREGON BLVD 2 4 3,994 $429,900 $377,500 11/01/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
1343 GRINNELL AVE 2 3 2,005 $459,000 $425,000 03/24/2016 Lake Front
1963 WINDSIDE 2 3 2,300 $499,900 $455,000 10/14/2016 Lake Front
1386 RIVONA 2 3 2,090 $575,000 $550,000 03/01/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
2124 Park CIR 4 3 2,850 $575,000 $565,000 09/12/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
1651 Gerundecut 3 3 3,001 $639,900 $620,000 05/25/2016 Lake Front
1401 OKLAHOMA ST 3 4 3,741 $754,900 $730,000 07/01/2016 Lake Front
1823 WINDSIDE DRV 4 5 4,938 $762,900 $775,000 02/18/2016 Lake Front
4660 DOW RIDGE RD 2 3 3,987 $1,499,000 $1,500,000 10/19/2016 Lake Front
5006 LEROY CRT 4 4 8,714 $2,990,000 $2,550,000 12/22/2016 Lake Front, Lake

Between January & October 20, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

941 MARVELL PL 750 775 91 0.8516 910 1955 N
4937 CHIPMAN DR 1500 1500 10 1.3586 1104 1957 N
1410 OKLAHOMA ST 59900 43000 42 42.6587 1008 1974 Y
4643 CHAREST AVE 119900 115000 11 101.4109 1134 1955 N
1404 MUSKINGUM DR 169900 160000 51 91.22 1754 1986 N
5076 CHEYENNE AVE 259900 227500 105 144.3527 1576 1995 N
1094 FOREST BAY DR 415000 410000 14 99.7081 4112 1992 N
1046 FOREST BAY DR 449999 440000 106 143.2291 3072 1992 N
1158 FOREST BAY DR 500000 505150 17 126.6675 3988 1996 N
1375 RIVONA DR 1599000 1350000 125 231.4417 5833 1990 N

Here are the Cass Lake homes that have sold between January 2010 and November 2011.

5096 CHEYENNE AVE 7/27/10  107,900  107,000  76.9  1391    2    2
1034 PELHAM BLVD 4/29/11  139,900  135,000  94.3  1431    3    2
1090 PELHAM BLVD 8/26/11  290,000  285,000  154.2  1848    3    2
1328 FOREST BAY DR 3/8/10  299,900  311,500  132.6  2350    3    2.1
1137 OREGON BLVD 6/22/10  369,000  337,000  91.2  3694    4    2.1
4711 CHAREST AVE 4/28/11  399,900  385,000  175  2200    3    2.1
3740 COTTAGE GROVE AVE 6/13/11  449,900  400,000  182.6  2190    4    3.1

Location of Cass Lake

Cass Lake is located in Oakland County Michigan and is surrounded by Waterford Township, West Bloomfield Orchard Lake Village, and Keego Harbour.

Cass Lake is located North of Commerce Rd, East of Union Lake Rd, South of Cooley Lake Rd and Elizabeth Lake Rd, and West of Telegraph and Middlebelt.

View Larger Map

Here are driving directions to Cass Lake MI Oakland County (Dodge State Park)


I-75 Traveling North or South:

  • Take the Square Lake Rd exit heading West for ??? miles
  • Turn right onto Telegraph Rd (North)
  • Exit right to Orchard Lake Rd
  • Turn left onto Orchard Lake Rd (South)
  • Turn right onto Cass Lake Rd
  • Turn left onto Cass Elizabeth Rd
  • Turn left onto Parkway (there is a small wood sign on the right side of Cass Elizabeth marked (Doge Bros State Park #4)
  • Follow Parkway to the end and enter the park

I-59 Traveling East:

  • Turn right (South) on Cass Lake Rd
  • Turn right (West) on Cass Elizabeth Rd
  • Turn left onto Parkway (there is a small wood sign on the right side of Cass Elizabeth marked (Dodge Bros State Park #4)
  • Follow Parkway to the end and enter the park

I-59 Traveling West:

  • Turn left (West) on Elizabeth Lake Rd
  • Turn left (South) on Cass Lake Rd
  • Turn right (West) on Cass Elizabeth Rd
  • Turn left onto Parkway (there is a small wood sign on the right side of Cass Elizabeth marked (Doge Bros State PArk #4)

Follow Parkway to the end and enter the park.

I hope this gave you a little Cass Lake information

                                 Russ Ravary your Waterford lakefront real estate agent


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Cass Lake in West Bloomfield MI


Cass Lake is the largest and deepest lake in Oakland County, and is in the northern Metro Detroit region of southeastern Michigan.

Cass Lake in West Bloomfield MI

What do you think will help you sell your lakefront home faster? Giving enough attention to staging will help you bring top dollar to your waterfront property.

  1. Many waterfront homeowners neglect replacing broken boards on the shorefront decks. Repaint the entire waterfront area. It is an easy way to set your waterfront property apart from the rest.
  2. Clean and make sure that are no weeds from the sand beach area.  Clean out the beach prior to showings. Build a small sand castle and put out some children’s toys. Parents and grandparents love to envision their children playing on a nice beach while they are enjoying the waterfront views.
  3. If you have a boathouse, make sure to clean it inside and out. Much like the docking systems, paint it again as this will definitely go a long way. If possible, remove big boats; a large boat will make the boathouse look smaller.

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