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Russ Ravary
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Elizabeth Lake Waterford Twp information




  • Cities the lake lies in                                 Waterford
  • School district for the lake                         Waterford
  • Streets around the lake are                          paved
  • City water                                                    Municipal, water at street, community
  • City sewer                                                    sewer sanitary, sewer at street
  • Canals on Lake                                            no
  • Lots over an acre on lake                            yes
  • Water-ski course                                          n/a
  • Condominiums                                            yes



  • All sports lake                      Yes
  • Private                                  Yes
  • Size                                      363 acres
  • Maximum Depth                   72 feet
  • DNR Access                          No
  • Public Access                        No  
  • Public Beach                        No
  • Wake restrictions                 Unknown
  • Water Source                      Clinton River


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Elizabeth Lake Oakland County MI

A large part of Elizabeth Lake is 40 feet deep or more in most of the lake. Elizabeth Lake is one of Oakland County's MI most sought after lakes.  With lots of activities going on for any boating enthusiast lake buyers want homes on the lake.  Being a private lake keeps the boat traffic down.  But at the same time you can Jet ski, tube, fish, or do what ever you want because the lake is good size (363 acres).  

Between January & October 20, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

4052 ELMHURST RD 695 650 30 0.8104 802 1955 N
5490 SARVIS AVE 750 750 8 0.8047 932 1930 N
841 S WINDING DR 795 795 11 0.9352 850 1937 N
490 LAKESIDE DR 1100 1100 6 0.726 1515 1951 N
4356 LANETTE DR 1200 1200 163 0.8571 1400 1928 N
3721 LINCOLNSHIRE RD 1200 1200 54 1.2 1000 1941 N
1530 PARKWAY 1325 1275 43 0.8709 1464 1992 N
5535 LAKE VISTA DR 1300 1300 20 0.8984 1447 1978 N
3832 FABER TER 41900 41000 71 51.25 800 1922 N
699 WOODINGHAM AVE 49999 59000 88 43.0029 1372 1978 Y
76 EXMOOR RD 69500 62500 54 62.5 1000 1946 N
4053 MAPLELEAF RD 85000 85000 72 69.3877 1225 1988 N
130 DOVER RD W 100000 90000 18 63.2466 1423 1941 N
5156 DRIFTON DR 99900 98000 3 70.1503 1397 1994 N
3809 HAZELETT DR 110990 102000 173 69.7197 1463 1940 N
5161 THORNAPPLE DR 109900 110000 27 98.2142 1120 1984 N
442 GATEWAY DR 112000 112000 1 87.5 1280 1962 N
4068 LAWLEY AVE 125000 113500 148 36.8865 3077 1950 Y
3727 LINCOLNSHIRE RD 124900 130000 50 92.264 1409 1941 N
5020 DURNHAM DR 174900 162500 5 146.3963 1110 1940 N
560 GRIXDALE LN 225000 185000 3 301.7944 613 1928 N
4640 SHERBOURNE AVE 299900 295000 40 137.2731 2149 1950 N
5062 DURNHAM DR 329900 320000 10 140.6593 2275 1962 N
5164 DURNHAM DR 475000 470000 22 196.4882 2392 1987 N

Custom image 1

Here is a list of Elizabeth Lake homes that have sold or been leased between 01/2010 and 11/15/2011

560 GRIXDALE LN 10/16/11  1000  900    613    1    1
4817 MOTORWAY DR 2/14/11  1500  1500    1371    3    2
5062 DURNHAM DR 9/28/10  1700  1600    2275    4    2
4505 MOTORWAY DR 4/29/10  2100  1850    3448    3    4
4837 MOTORWAY DR 10/15/10  2500  2100    3787    4    4
5068 N DURNHAM DR N 3/15/11  199 900  200,000  125.9  1588    4    3
5054 DURNHAM DR 10/12/11  275,000  242,000  250  968    2    2
4837 MOTORWAY DR 8/20/10   549,000  450,000  118.8  3787    4    4
4415 MOTORWAY 5/29/10  1,395,000  800,000  197.2  4057    5    5.1

Elizabeth Lake real estate Oakland County





Elizabeth Lake homes Waterford MI


click here to get the latest list of lakefront homes for sale on elizabeth lake 


Elizabeth Lakefront homes for sale have sold for as low as $43,900 in 2011.  But in the highest price was in the $450,000 range.  Like most of the time there is a large demand for lake homes under $250,000.  The lake is an nice all sports lake that has many varieties of  Waterford water front properties.  There are 800-5400 square foot lake homes around the lake. 

Elizabeth Lake property sizes depend on which side of the lake you are on.  You will find wider and deeper lots on the northwest side of the lake.  The homes on the south side of the lake are close to the road and the lake.  The parking is tighter for the southside Elizabeth Lake properties.

Lake Home styles are:

      • bungalows
      • cape cods
      • colonial style homes
      • ranches
      • split levels

Most  Elizabeth Lake homes that were built in the 1920's and 30's are gone.   Yes there are a few remaining.   The older homes have been bulldozed and re built.  Most of the homes are from 1940 on.  The early homes have no basements on little lots and many times without garages.  But some of the later homes were built with walkout basements.    Most have garages if the lot size permitted it.  The upper end homes on the lake have all the modern ammenities, including 3 car garages.

Children that live on Elizabeth Lake attend Waterford Schools.

Elizabeth Lake properties Waterford MI

Check out this short video for Elizabeth lake


There are many lake access homes near Elizabeth Lake

Oakland County lakes vary so much from lake to lake and even from one side of the lake to the other.  You could have a sandy lake bottom on one side of the lake and mucky on the other.  Some lakes are all sandy bottoms.  Others are all mucky.  The easiest way to check whether it is sandy or mucky is to get into the lake. That is why it is smart to buy a lake home when the ice is off the lake. Sometimes the lake bottom is sandy for 10 or 15 feet then gets mucky.  Usually if the lake listing does not proclaim sandy lake bottom....then it does not have it.

The next part of lake frontage that you may want to consider is vegetation or vegetation free lake front.  Usually a mucky lake front invites lily pads and cattails.  Because of DNR rules you cannot just go out and rip out lily pads and vegetation in front of the home.  So do not buy a lake home thinking you can change the waterfront drastically.  Sure some lake home buyers do the midnight lily pad weeding or put down chemicals at night to kill the vegetation....but it is illegal and still will take several years to do.

Sometimes if the lake has not been used in years there will be a little bit of vegetation out front.  That is usually easily cleaned up.  This usually is the case when the sellers are older and have not used the lake in years.  By the time the kids and grandkids use the lakefront all summer it will be clean again.  Many lake home owners have a large rake (a landscape rake) to rake up seaweed, and rocks.  It is a great tool to have.



Elizabeth Lake is located in Waterford Township Oakland County MI.  It is S of Elizabeth Lake Road, N of Cass Elizabeth, E of Cooley Lake, and W of South Cass Lake Road.

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Oakland County Lake living.  I myself lived in Livonia for 23 years before I moved on a lake back in 2011.  It’s a great lifestyle.  I have had so many clients tell me that they had wished they had moved to the lake earlier.  I wished I had made the move earlier too.  When you move onto a lake I believe you become more social.  You tend to get to know your neighbors better.  You tend to be more active and tend to be outdoors more.  Family and friends will want to come to your house and enjoy the lake lifestyle.   A warm beautiful day is an invitation to get out on the lake.  You tend to leave work a little earlier to get on the lake.  I know people that work from home that sometimes work with their computer in the middle of the lake.  They just float around in the sun working.  They have their laptop on their boat and enjoying the day.  Yet still working!  Now that is a life style that anybody should love.

Everybody has their own wants in a lake, and what they want to do.  No one person has the same desires.  I know people that live on a lake and do not own a boat.  They just love the scenery.  This Southeastern Michigan lake website is here to help you understand about our local lakes.  I hope this webpage on lakefront homes for sale on Elizabeth lake in Waterford Michigan helps you.  Always feel free to call me with questions or to get started on your lake home search.   My email is or cell phone is 248-310-6239.   Search "Metro Detroit Waterfront Homes For Sale”


The kids that live on the lake go to  Waterford School system.


  • Blue Gill
  • Crappie
  • Northern Pike
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Rock Bass
  • Yellow perch
  • Pumpkin Sunfish
  • Catfish  

 Elizabeth Lake Waterford Michigan                                             

There are very few lake foreclosures that are Waterford lakefront homes.  When lake foreclosures come up and are they are in the lower price ranges they usually go quickly.  Don't try to steal them below list price, bid to get the lake front home.  Call me on my cell at (313) 310-9855 for your list of Waterford Township Lake foreclosures or any list of Oakland County waterfront homes..

Other lakes that are close by are Crescent Lake, Cass Lake, Otter Lake, and SylvanLake, and Pontiac Lake 


2016 homes that have sold

715 MCDOUGAL 4 5 2,084 $337,900 $305,900 09/12/2016 Lake Front
  745 MCDOUGAL 2 3 1,375 $349,900 $330,000 10/21/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
  649 WOODCREEK 2 4 2,819 $439,000 $444,000 08/31/2016 Lake Front
  5190 DURNHAM DR 2 3 2,261 $429,900 $445,000 07/13/2016 Lake Front
  964 SUNSET DR 4 3 3,214 $595,000 $560,000 06/03/2016 Lake Front
  4585 MOTORWAY 4 3 3,832 $694,000 $676,000 12/09/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
  18979 BELLA VISTA CRT 6 5 9,658 $1,759,900 $1,759,900 06/08/2016 Lake Front


Elizabeth Lake Oakland County MI

Elizabeth Lake homeowners association

Here is one of Elizabeth lakes association and information they have pertaining to it.

ELEIA (Elizabeth Lake Estates Improvement Association) is a private beach association in Waterford, Michigan, with endless amenities to offer resident families and their associates to fill your summer with nearby activities, special events, and a sense of community that can only be found at ELEIA. Listed below are a few of the amenities that our members experience daily when visiting the beach.
• Safe, fun, family friendly atmosphere!
• Access to one of the cleanest lakes in
Oakland County
• Private NOT Public
• FREE Campouts, Movie Nights, Fish Fry’s
• Certified Life Guards for your family's safety
• Diving Platform & Water slide
• Fishing “Pier”
• Clean well kept picnic areas to bring
family & friends
• Boat Launch & Mooring options
• Playground equipment for the little ones
(Grandchildren are FREE)
• FREE craft nights, sports nights & other
family oriented activities
• FREE fireworks in July
• Reasonably priced concessions
• Clean restrooms (with real plumbing!)
• Friendship and community like in the
good old days
• Great selling feature when listing your house

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To Search any Michigan Lake for lake homes for sale go to the atlas search or search by area.  I hope this helped you if you have a Michigan relocation in your future.

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