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Russ Ravary
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Portage Lake Portage Chain of Lakes Hamburg/Pinckney area information

Portage Lake Pinckney MIBig Portage Lake is the biggest lake on the Hamburg chain of lakes .  The chain of Lakes is called several names including the Portage Chain of Lakes.  It is a public lake, you can get on the lake via a State of Michigan DNR Boat Launch that is located off McGregor Road on the east side of the road.  Lake levels were erratic prior to 1960.  Spring flooding on Portage Lake was frequent. Often lakefront residents would row or paddle right up to their cottages at lake level; septic systems didn't respond well either. After several dry years in the early 60s, lake levels were extremely low, and by 1963, boats and docks were suddenly left high and dry. This was the impetus that led to constructing the dam. 

The eight main lakes on the chain can be accessed by most boats, with only Ore Lake accessible only by small boat. Some areas on the chain and river cannot be accessed by pontoon due to low under-road clearances or narrow passages. The lakes in the chain include Little Portage Lake, Big Portage Lake, Base Line Lake, Whitewood Lakes, Zukey Lake, Tamarack Lake, Gallagher Lake, Strawberry Lake and Ore Lake

The deepest point on the lake is 84 feet deep although 44% of the lake is considered shoal area (5 feet deep or less).  There are a couple of sand bars that people pull up to and hang out with friends.  Two creeks run into Portage Lake from nearby communities, Honey Creek that runs from Pinckney, and Portage Creek that runs from Hell.

Homes for sale Portage Lake Dexter MI

Portage Lake Dexter MI

  • All sports lake                                 Yes
  • Private                                            No
  • Size                                                644 acres
  • Maximum Depth                              84 feet deep 
  • Public Access                                   Yes Michigan DNR access 
  • Parking spaces at DNR                      21 spots
  • Public Beach                                    No
  • Wake restrictions                              None that I know of
  • Water Source                                   Huron River 
  •  Cities the lake lies in                        Hamburg, Dexter, Putnam Twp
  • School district for the lake                 Dexter, Pinckney
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved, 
  • City water                                        Well
  • City sewer                                        Mostly Sewers but a few on septic
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                               ???
  • Condominiums                                  no

Homes for sale Portage Lake Hamburg MI

Whatever you want to do on Portage Lake the boating and recreation opportunities on the Chain of Lakes are absolutely endless. During the summer months, the lakes are a haven for pontooners, boaters, jet skiiers, paddleboarders, and kayakers.  You will have a great times with great fishing on the lakes, waterskiing, tubing, paddle boarding, or just relaxing at a sand bar. You can pull your boat up to Riverside Pizza to grab a bite to eat or dock at Zukey Lake Tavern for a nice cold drink, appetizers, or lunch or dinner. You can keep your boat at one of the marinas on the chain.  Klave's Marina has been serving the boating community on Portage Lake in Pinckney, MI for more than 50 Years!  Portage Lake is a great place for wintering migratory waterfowl such as Canvasbacks, Bufflehead, and Common Loons.  There are boat rentals and cruises offered through a few different companies. 

 Round-trip boating through the major lakes takes about four hours, covering a distance of 13 miles. 

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Portage Lake homes for sale Putnam Township MI

Portage Lake Homes

Many homes surround Portage lake, with most now used for year around living. Homes range in size from cozy cottages to mid-size single family homes to luxury lakefront estates.  Here are the basic characteristics of waterfront homes on Portage Lake in Pinckney:

  • 1 - 5 bedrooms
  • 1-5 bathrooms
  • No car garages to 6 car plus garages
  • Most lots are small but there are some that are 1-2 acres in size.  There are a few over 10 acres in size.
  • The majority are on sewers though a few are on septic
  • All the lake homes have wells 
  • There are all styles of homes on the lake
  • Lake homes range from 420 square feet to over 6100 square foot in size
  • Most homes are on slabs, or crawl spaces.  A small amount of homes have basements

Portage Lake on the chain of lakes

Portage Lake Yacht Club

Portage Yacht Club (734-426-4155) is one of the leading inland lake sailing centers in the Midwest and one of the oldest sailing clubs in Michigan. Located on 650-acre Portage Lake, 17 miles northwest of Ann Arbor, it provides a Portage Lake Dexter MIvenue for sailors of all skill levels. The sailing season runs from early May through late September. Wind conditions can vary from light for a casual, easy sail to heavy for a more challenging sailing adventure. The topographic features around the lake often produce winds that shift direction giving skippers the opportunity to master their skills on a typical inland lake. In addition to offering moorings for both single- and multi-handed sailboats, the Club also offers boat rentals, junior instruction, and an adult learn to sail program. Midwest Sailing, located on the site, provides boat sales as well as boat parts and accessories.

The Club is known for its sailboat racing program which has produced National and North American champions in several sailing classes as well as prestigious US Sailing national championships. Innovations in the rules of racing first used at PYC have been adopted internationally.

Races are held on Tuesday evenings for single-handed boats including Lasers, MC Scows and Sunfish and on Thursday evenings and Weekend days for multi-handed boats including 18-ft Interlakes and 19-ft Flying Scots. Invitational regattas are held for the PYC sailboat classes in August and September. The Club has also hosted national and regional championship events.

Homes for sale Portage Lake Pinckney MI

Portage Lake Location

Portage Lake lies in both Livingston and Washtenaw County in Michigan.  It also lies in 3 different communities Dexter Township, Hamburg, and Putnam Township.  Though most of the homes have Pinckney mailing addresses.

Portage Lake Fishing

A number of species were stocked in the late 1930's, including bluegill and largemouth bass from 1937-
1942, yellow perch from 1937-39, and walleye in 1937 and 1938. The first fisheries survey was an
extensive survey conducted in 1941. Game fish included largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike,
walleye, various panfish, and a good number of ciscos (a species of whitefish). Rainbow trout were
stocked from 1942-44, but this was discontinued due to poor survival. To address the minimal amount of
cover in the lake, 200 brush structures were installed in 1949 to enhance fish habitat. Legal sized trout
were stocked from 1955-64 (excluding 1957), but switched to fall fingerlings from 1965-70. Tiger
muskellunge were stocked on an alternate year basis from 1980-86, at which point the tiger musky
program was discontinued in Michigan. Walleye were stocked intermittently in the 1980's and 1990's as
well as 2001, 2004 and 2006. Channel catfish were stocked once in 2004. Fisheries surveys in 1967,
1983, 1995 and 1999 documented good fish populations and anglers report good bluegill and largemouth
bass fishing.

Portage Lake Huron River Chain of Lakes Pinckney MI

There are several types of weed control.  One is a harvester control and the other is chemical control.  There are some lakes that do no weed control at all.  I don’t know what type of weed control is done on Portage lake in Pinckney.  So it is always best to ask the seller when buying a waterfront home.

One of the big benefits of owning a lake home is all the wonderful sights you will get to see.  You may take rides on the boat to see the sunset, or you may get a bottle of wine and a blanket to take a leisurely cruise around the lake to see the fall colors.  Or you may just sit on the porch of your lake home watching the ducks swim by.

 If you are looking for a good Michigan realtor that really knows his stuff and has over 15 years of experience then you have come to the right place. Call Russ at 248-310-6239.  Buying a waterfront home is a dream for many home buyers and my goal is to help you achieve that dream.   I helped buyers and sellers with over 17 million dollars of homes last year.  Our lakes have different factors that you will need to consider when buying a lake house.  For example lakefront homes in Waterford are on city water and sewer whereas waterfront properties in Highland are on well and septic.  Little things that I have picked up over the years as which lakes are due for a big assessment because sewers are coming in is important to lake house buyers.   Will a non lake realtor know that?  Probably not. 

You don’t want to buy a home and get hit with a big assessment.  Or you don’t want to buy a home on a canal to find out that it isn’t deep enough for your boat.  Or that there is a culvert that a new pontoon can’t go through.   The unknowns can be costly.  That is why I put together these web pages to explain about our local lakes in Oakland and Livingston County. You may not have time to do all the research.  You can have a better buying experience if you work with an experienced lake Realtor.   If you have questions about waterfront homes on Portage lake in Pinckney Michigan always feel free to reach and call me at (248)310-6239 or email me at   Search the newest lake listings, properties , and homes by map.  Zoom in on the lake or area to find your next home.   

Portgage Lake is the largest lake on the Portgage chain of lakes.  Depending on who you talk to the chain of lakes is also called the Hamburg chain of lakes or Pinckney chain of lakes. There is no legal name that I know of so call it what you like!

Portage waterfront properties are Livingston County's most sought after lake front properties.  It is a boater mecca being 644 acres.  You can jet ski, sail, ski, fish, wakeboard, or just pontoon.

Then you add in all the other lakes on the chain and you will never get bored of living on the lake.  Portage is a long lake with the southwestern end being more rounded.

 So many of the good lake homes get sold before the average buyer even gets to see them.  I have seen homes sell in under a week.  The good lake homes go quick.  If you want the latest lake home listings emailed to you daily so you can look at them at your leisure.

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Portage Lake MI chain of lakes

Portage Lake is the biggest lake on the Hamburg Chain of Lakes. Portage Lake lies in both Putnam Township, Dexter Township,  and Hamburg Township. Though if you buy a Portage lake front home your kids will be going to either Pinckney Schools or Dexter Schools depending on where they live on the lake.

Portage Lake is one of the many Portage Lakes in Michigan but this one is located in Livingston  and Washtenaw County though there is another one not to far away closer to Jackson ( in the Waterloo recreation area). Many people confuse the two lakes.

Portage Lake real estate Livingston County MI

Since Portage Lake has been a vacation destination since the early 1900's you will find so many different styles of homes.  Back then Portage Lake real estate was cottages.  They were 1 story most of the time with 2 or 3 bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a small bathroom.  Some were as small as 600 square feet.  Some of the 800 - 1000 square foot homes still exist.

Of course some have been remodeled and updated with more insulation, better windows, new kitchens.  But some still have the charm of an Up north cottage.  These small homes still command over $150,000 and more depending on the condition of the home and the size of the lot.  Some of the prices are in the $200,000 - $300,000 range.

Over the years lake residents added 2 stories on, or made the attic into living space.  Many were torn down over the last 40 - 50 years and newer and more modern homes were built.

Of course there is any style of home that you want in Portage Lake waterfront real estate. Children that live on the lake attend Pinckney Schools.


Portage Lake homes Livingston County MI

There are:

      • contemporary style
      • bungalows
      • cape cods
      • colonial style homes
      • ranches

Portage Lake properties MI

Though most of Portage Lake homes are colonial or ranch style.  There are some lake homes that have bigger lots, there is even a few with over an acre.  You will be paying dearly for the land. But on the small end there are lots that have only 40 and 50 foot of frontage on the lake.

There are big colonial homes that are in the 4000 square feet to over 5000 square foot range on the lake.  So whatever the style you can probably find it on the lake.  

Portgage Lake front properties command a higher price because they are on the chain of lakes and it is the biggest all sports lake in the area.  You can find a similar home off the Hamburg chain of Lakes at a lower price. 

Between January & October 25, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

8570 ORCHARD 900 900 39 1.125 800 1940 N
8573 PORTAGE LAKE BLVD 950 950 180 1.0042 946 1930 N
11004 LOOKOUT ST 1150 1150 28 1.4375 800 1940 N
8731 GROVE 1250 1250 177 1.1904 1050 1950 N
1826 DARWIN RD 1500 1425 138 0.8906 1600 1961 N
1826 DARWIN RD 1475 1475 42 0.9218 1600 1961 N
11920 PORTAGE LAKE AVE 1600 1500 37 1.25 1200 1975 N
8581 ORCHARD 40000 40000 39 48.0769 832 1954 N
1229 LOUISE ST 64900 53500 3 40.9021 1308 1901 N
11951 PORTAGE LAKE AVE 79900 75000 69 87.822 854 9999 N
1900 DARWIN RD 95000 87100 117 48.1747 1808 1960 N
9403 LINCK DR 86740 90000 20 60 1500 1960 N
11165 ALGONQUIN DR 99000 96100 81 122.5765 784 1971 N
1205 LOUISE ST 119900 110000 59 87.7192 1254 9999 N
8596 PORTAGE LAKE BLVD 114800 112900 70 74.4232 1517 1997 N
2165 WAYNE DR 118000 116000 60 122.3628 948 1945 N
2276 LAKEWOOD WAY 128900 132000 125 105.6 1250 1974 N
9818 PORTAGE LAKE AVE 137900 141000 131 80.5714 1750 2005 N
11614 PORTAGE LAKE AVE 199900 199000 89 99.5 2000 1952 Y
1154 SARAH 229000 200000 159 153.8461 1300 1930 N
9346 DEX-PINCKNEY 229000 210000 204 200 1050 1945 N
10785 FRANKFORT 239900 229500 109 111.8421 2052 1979 N
10833 WYNNS RD 234000 234000 83 160.7142 1456 1974 N
9371 CANAL ST 269500 236500 108 295.625 800 9999 N
10846 COLONY RD 259900 259000 53 215.8333 1200 1972 N
11442 ALGONQUIN DRIVE 285000 265000 58 155.8823 1700 1950 N
1387 ARTHURS CT 299500 285000 86 135.0071 2111 1996 N
1140 SARAH RD 315000 315000 1 420 750 1945 N
1229 Wilbur 410000 390000 6 151.0457 2582 1967 N
9949 ALGONQUIN DR 469000 410000 178 223.0685 1838 2006 Y
11556 ALGONQUIN DR 467500 420000 48 149.413 2811 1999 N
11556 ALGONQUIN DRIVE 467500 420000 28 149.413 2811 1999 N
4241 CORNWELL LN 619999 570000 113 202.4866 2815 2001 N

Michigan buyers bonusHere are homes on the lake that have sold between 01/01/2011 and 11/15/2011

11212 COLONY RD 2/1/11  1000  1000    960    3    1
11555 ALGONQUIN DR 4/4/11  1200  1200    1032    2    2
1163 WILBUR 2/1/11  1350  1350    2085    4    2.1
11231 ALGONQUIN DR 1/24/11  1400  1400    1104    3    1
10975 S MONTICELLO ST 10/28/11  55,000  40,000  54.9  728    3    1
11644 PORTAGE LAKE AVE 7/27/11  54,900  58,800  58.9  999    3    1
10849 WYNNS RD 10/26/11  162,000  140,000  121.7  1150    3    1
2171 GLENROYLET DR 2/28/11  164,900  159,000  93.3  1704    3    1
1826 DARWIN RD 10/9/11  175,000  160,000  100  1600    3    1.1
11012 COLONY RD 10/28/11  175,000  175,000  168.3  1040    2    1
11212 COLONY RD 5/9/11  190,000  185,000  192.7  960    3    1
11530 PORTAGE LAKE AVE 2/10/11  229,000  232,000  120.1  1932    3    2
1150 SARAH RD 8/29/11  239,900  237,000  246.9  960    2    1

              Search Pinckney Twp Lakefront homes for sale

There are no more lake properties being made.  So there will always be a demand for Southeastern Michigan lake homes.  A local lake home usually holds it's value better than a regular home. 

 You have not cared about how beautiful or updated your lake cottage or lake home was.  You may have been too busy on the lake.  Sometimes lake homes are not completely updated.  You may have been too busy enjoying the lake.  So many lake home owners are just happy living on the lake.  This lake home may be a second home to you.  You may not have had the money to keep it pristine.  It may not have mattered to you.  A sunny day on the lake may have been better than painting the home.

 However you have decided to sell now.  Unless your lake home has so many negative factors it may pay to do some painting and re-carpeting.  I will tell you about a waterfront home I saw in Highland Township a few years back.  It was one of the newer homes that was built in the last 15 years on the lake.  The home owner never did the normal maintenance.

 It was big beautiful home with lots of great features, but the maintenance of the lake home was lacking. There were nail pops, some minor dry wall repair, and the house needed a paint job bad. The house sat on the market for 8 months.  I showed the house several times but the feedback I got from my clients was....the house was built poorly or the house was overpriced for the condition it was in.  The house never sold when it was in that condition.  Well the owner finally painted the home and fixed the drywall issues.  The house sold in less than a week after it was painted. 

 So sometimes a fresh paint job and new carpet will do wonders for your lake home.  If you are thinking of selling your lake home give me a call.  We use the latest technology tools to get your home sold.  So give us a call on my cell at (248) 310-6239.

 Portage Lake Location

Portage Lake is located in Pinckney Township, and Hamburg Township in Livingston County MI and in Dexter Township in Washtenaw County.  It is West of McGregor and North and East of Dexter-Pinckney Rd and South of Darwin Rd.

Portage Lake Fishing

  • Blue Gill
  • Crappie
  • Northern Pike
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Yellow perch
  • Sunfish

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 Portage Lake Washtenaw County MI       


Lake homes that sold in 2016

10901 Colony 1 3 1,680 $215,000 $215,000 08/19/2016 Canal Front
9505 Portage Lake Ave 2 3 1,672 $250,000 $235,000 09/19/2016 Canal Front
9505 Portage Lake AVE 2 3 1,672 $250,000 $235,000 10/05/2016 Canal Front
10875 Colony 1 3 1,152 $254,900 $250,000 03/09/2016 Canal Front
11281 ALGONQUIN 2 3 1,316 $259,900 $252,525 07/08/2016 Canal Front
10902 Colony RD 2 3 1,703 $304,900 $305,000 06/13/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
11920 Portage Lake AVE 1 3 1,144 $315,000 $310,000 08/29/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front
9960 Florence 2 3 3,042 $399,000 $382,240 03/28/2016 Canal Front
9818 Winston Rd 2 4 1,768 $549,000 $512,000 07/11/2016 Lake Front
1429 Nita ST 2 3 1,776 $550,000 $547,500 11/07/2016 Lake Front
9948 WINSTON RD 3 4 3,256 $865,000 $815,000 08/19/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front
1221 LANCELOT CRT 3 4 7,619 $1,125,000 $1,000,000 06/10/2016 Creek, Lake Fr


Other Pinckney Township Lakes and Lake homes for sale

Other lakes that are nearby are Baseline Lake, Little Portage, Strawberry, Bass Lake, and Silver Lake. 

Portage Lake real estate MI

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To Search any Washtenaw County Lake for lake homes for sale go to the atlas search or search by area.  I hope this helped you if you are thinking of a Southeastern Michigan lake relocation in your future.

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