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Russ Ravary
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Sylvan Lake waterfront real estate Oakland County

  • Cities the lake lies in                        Waterford, Keego harbor, Sylvan Lake, Pontiac
  • School district for the lake               Waterofrd, WEst Bloomfield, Potiac
  • Streets around the lake are               paved
  • City water                                         Municipal, community
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   no
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   yes

Sylvan Lakefront real estate has many different home styles from Ranches, Colonials and Contemporary homes.  Recent Sylvan Lake homes for sale range from $199,000 to over 1.5 million dollars.  Some of the early lake cottages that still stand were built in the early 1920's and some homes on Sylvan Lake have been built as late as 2008.  The homes range from:

  • 2  - 5+ bedrooms
  • no basements to walkouts
  • no garages to 3 car garages
  • 1 1/2  to 4 bathrooms
  • 1025 - over 6000 square foot

Sylvan Lake real estate offers any Michigan home buyer lots of variety.  There is a Sylvan Waterfront home that will fit any lifestyle and price range. The residents children attend Waterford, Pontiac or West Bloomfield Schools.


Sylvan Lake homes for sale MI


Sylvan Lake Waterford Township MI data

  • All Sports Lake                 Yes
  • Size                                    532 Acres (includes Otter Lake)  458 acres without Otter
  • Maximum Depth                71 feet
  • Public Beach                      Yes only for Sylvan Lake residents
  • Public Access                     Yes only for Sylvan Lake residents
  • Wake Restrictions               Unknown
  • Water Restrictions               Unknown
  • Water source                      Cass Lake to Otter Lake and then to Sylvan

Since 1912 The Oakland County Boat Club has been on Sylvan Lake. The Oakland County Boat Club is a private, not-for-profit, social club and marina located in Sylvan Lake.  Fireworks have been a tradition in Sylvan Lake for at least 70 years. The fireworks are currently sponsored by the Oakland County Boat Club.

Sylvan Lake Sylvan Lake MI


Some dreams are meant to come true.  Let’s try to make your dream of living on a lake real.   Are you with me?  Take the steps to make your dream come true. The lake lifestyle is amazing and once have a home on a lake you will be saying why didn’t you do this years before.  It is something about the tranquility of water that makes it so special.  You will have magical days of watching lake sunsets and watching the wildlife on the lake.   Days of enjoyment on the lake with family and friends.  It is special to see the mist rise off the lake on the cool fall days.  There are so many wonderful Oakland County lakes to choose from.  And if you cannot find an Oakland County lake to fit you then there is Livingston County, Washtenaw County, and Genessee County were there are many other alternatives.   So many different lakes within an hours of Detroit.  There are Oakland County lakefront homes of every size, shape, and age.  It boils down to what you want in a home and what you are going to do on the lake Search Livingston and Oakland County waterfront homes by map.  Zoom in on the lake or area to find your next lake house. 

We have great lake areas around metro Detroit  and in Southeastern Michiganthat most people do not even realize that are there.  I have gathered information about lakefront homes on Sylvan Lake in Keego Harbor Michigan.  If you have questions about any lake or about seeing lake homes give me a call on my cell at (248) 310-6239.






Sylvan Lake has a Beach and Park and boat ramp that is for residents only.  With Michigan's summer temperature being between the 70 - 90 degrees most of the time Sylvan Lake is a great place to go.


Between January & October 26, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

1131 OTTER AVE 1330 1330 11 0.7189 1850 1992 N
1131 OTTER AVE 1330 1330 26 0.7189 1850 1992 N
1281 LABROSSE DR 103000 100000 51 84.2459 1187 1977 N
2618 WOODBINE DR 99900 101000 19 68.8949 1466 1956 N
317 S CASS LAKE RD 175000 170000 19 136 1250 1959 N
723 OTTER AVE 224500 220000 54 105.3639 2088 1994 N
1473 KESSLER AVE 224900 255000 41 236.1111 1080 1970 N
316 BEVERLY ISLAND DR 399000 375000 45 149.3428 2511 1989 N
1288 LABROSSE DR 749000 700000 34 155.5555 4500 2005 N
1365 KESSLER AVE 899900 825000 61 296.2298 2785 2008 N

Here are the homes on Sylvan Lake that have sold since 01/01/2011 up to 11/15/2011

1161 BAMFORD DR 5/1/11 2100  2100    2800    5    4
1095 JAMES K BLVD 6/8/11 1900  2400    2940    3    3
1603 MADDY LN 9/13/11 3800  3800    3326    4    3
39 RUTH AVE 9/29/11  30,000  27,000  20.9  1292    3    1.1
1091 BEACHLAND BLVD 3/4/11  182,500  140,000  107.9  1298    3    1.1
1175 BAMFORD DR 3/18/11  179,900  175,000  108.8  1608    3    1.1
1620 BEECHCROFT ST 6/24/11  239,900  202,500  91.5  2212    3    2.1
1105 JAMES K BLVD 7/15/11  255,000  255,000  96.7  2636    3    3
1430 OTTER AVE 9/30/11  299,900  280,000  164.7  1700    3    3.1
482 BEVERLY ISLAND DR 1/28/11  315,000  314,000  108.3  2900    4    3
1220 LABROSSE DR 7/19/11  520,000  422,500  221.6  1907    4    3.1
1677 RUSTIC LN 10/14/11  499,900  460,000  190.6  2413    4    2.1
331 BEVERLY ISLAND DR 11/3/11  729,500  660,000  116.8  5650    4    4.1

Sylvan Lake Location

Sylvan Lake homes may be in Keego Harbor, the City of Sylvan Lake, or Waterford Township.  Sylvan Lake is in Oakland County MI.  Located West of Telegraph, South of Voorheis and W. Huron, North of Orchard Lake Rd, and East of South Cass Lake Rd.    Map of the lake - Sylvan Lake Oakland County MI

View Larger Map

So what county should you buy a lake home in?  You should not base your decision on buying a lake home in on a county.  It should be about convenience.  If you are thinking about commuting to work which lakes, which counties will work best for you?  You do not want to be driving an hour and a half back and forth to work when you could have been driving only 45 minutes.

Another factor in many of my client’s decisions is not only drive time to work, but also how far away are their kids.  How far do the kids have to drive to get to the lake home, or Lake Cottage?  I have had clients that have kids in Lansing and one in Mt Clemens.  So they want the lake cottage to be somewhere in between.  They may have one child in Ann Arbor and one in Farmington Hills.  The clients may be retired so they have no drive time.  It is more about convenience to the kids.

All of your metro Detroit Counties have lake or ponds.  But most of them are in Oakland and Livingston County all have lakes.  All lakes are different.  So besides drive time it may boil down to the lake and the lake home you can find.  If you are not restricted by drive time then you have a wide open choice of four counties and hundreds of lakes.

So there is no best county to buy a lake home in.  There is no best city to buy a cottage in.  It is all about your criteria, your wants.  If you have no travel restrictions or times you will have many choices.  Feel free to email me what you are looking for in a lake home so I can set up a specialized lake home search that can be emailed to you.  My email is


Lake homes for sale Sylvan Lake Michigan

                                                   Michigan Lakes Sylvan Lake Oakland County

Sylvan Lake MI Fishing

  • Northern Pike
  • Blue Gill
  • Crappie
  • Walleye
  • Rock Bass
  • SmallMouth Bass
  • Largemouth Bass

More information about Sylvan Lake Public access and Sylvan Lake Beach Park

Southeastern Michigan home buyer bonusThe City of Sylvan Lake must now pay property taxes on  park property because the parks are for residents only. They are not open to the general public. There are two Beach Areas in the City known, informally, as the "big" and "little" beach. The little beach is located on Lakeview and the big beach is on Ferndale at the park area. You must swim at your own risk as the city of Sylvan Lake does not employ a lifeguard at either swim area. Because the beach and park areas are for residents only, you must have a park tag which may be purchased at City Hall for $20.00

The City has about 165 Boat Dock Spaces around the lake. However, there is a lengthy waiting list, possibly up to 25 years. When you become a Sylvan Lake property owner or resident you may sign up to be added to the list. Once you obtain a space it is yours for as long as you are a resident, but you must renew it every year. You need not renew your spot on the waiting list every year. The City maintains a boat ramp next to the Oakland County Boat Club on Ferndale. You must purchase a key for $20.00 to unlock the chain at the ramp.. The charge for a boat dock space is $365.00 per year. If you are sharing your space with another resident that resident must pay an extra $365.00 fee.

To ensure that Sylvan Lakes Boat Ramp is being used only by authorized boat owners, you will be required to place a sticker on each watercraft you intend to launch at the ramp. The purchase of your boat ramp key will entitle you to one (1) sticker for one (1) watercraft. The stickers are non-transferable. Each watercraft launched at the boat ramp will require it’s own sticker. Additional stickers will be available for $10 to boats registered to Sylvan Lake residents.

Proof of PL & PD insurance for the dock space and all water craft that will be placed in the dock space. You are also required to name the City of Sylvan Lake as additionally insured on your homeowners insurance policy.

Sylvan Lake History

Sylvan Lakes history as a place to go in the summer months started back in 1893.  Four men, Merrill B. Mills, Mansfield Shelley, George Barbour, and J. Blair Simpson decided to establish a resort at Sylvan Lake. The center of the resort, a hotel, was erected on the present site of the community Center for $25,000. The resort included a golf course, riding stable, bathing beach, bowling alley, and billiards. The grounds were lighted by electricity in connection with the interurban railway. The interurban railway from Detroit made it easy for more people to enjoy Sylvan Lake and the resort.

Oakland County Lakes MI

The city of Sylvan Lake population is 1753 and the median household income is $68,750.  The kids that live in homes on Sylvan Lake either go to

  • Pontiac Schools
  • Waterford Schools
  • Private Schools
  • West Bloomfield Schools


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I hope this helps anybody that is thinking of buying Michigan Waterfront property in Oakland County or Sylvan Lake.  Enjoy the summer. 

Russ Ravary your Oakland County Lakefront home Realtor


Sylvan Lake homes sold in 2016

999 JAMES K BLVD 3 5 2,301 $2,500 $2,400 11/18/2016 Lake Front
1681 MADDY LN 1 2 1,104 $299,000 $299,000 07/08/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
830 OTTER AVE 3 4 2,179 $329,900 $325,000 09/30/2016 Canal Front
1225 Beachland BLVD 2 3 1,886 $369,900 $362,000 03/21/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
1661 MADDY LN 2 3 1,780 $380,000 $372,000 07/08/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
1366 Otter AVE 2 3 1,753 $385,000 $378,000 03/29/2016 Lake Front
1700 Maddy LN 3 3 2,172 $399,000 $395,000 08/15/2016 Canal Front
911 JAMES K BLVD 2 4 2,793 $399,000 $399,000 11/04/2016 Lake Front
959 JAMES K BLVD 3 3 1,611 $419,000 $419,900 11/18/2016 Lake Front
1249 BAMFORD 3 3 2,579 $500,000 $500,000 09/14/2016 Lake Front
902 Otter AVE 2 4 2,420 $529,000 $529,000 10/14/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
1079 James K Blvd 4 4 4,341 $600,000 $615,000 09/15/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
955 James K BLVD 3 4 3,185 $625,000 $640,000 07/11/2016 Lake Front



Russ Ravary Michigan Realtor

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Here is what a previous client had to say about me!

"Hi Russ,

I wanted to thank for helping me get my Milford condo.  I know I limited my chances of finding the "perfect condo" by wanting a certain small area.  But you came out here whenever we found one.  It took me a year of looking but finally we found one that was the "one".  It was a short sale which I knew nothing about.  You told me about all the problems that might happen with a "short sale" and some of them did.  You were good about re-assuring me about the length of time short sales take.  But we finally got the condo!   Thank you from Courtney and I."

Kelly Przywara



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