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Russ Ravary
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Southeastern Michigan home buyer bonusUnion Lake waterfront properties Oakland County MI 

Union Lake is what I would consider more of a upper end lake. You are going to find homes that are taken care of, bigger, and newer. You won't find many of the old cottages on the lake. I would say the average home is going to be over 1800 square foot on the lake.




Union Lake 

  • Cities the lake lies in                        Commerce, West Blommfield
  • School district for the lake               Walled lake , waterford
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved
  • City water                                         Municipal, well
  • City sewer                                         Sewer sanitary
  • Canals on Lake                                  no
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   no
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   no


Colonial home sizes range from 1400 square foot to over 7200 square foot. There are contemporary homes that range from 2500 square feet to 7888 square feet. Even some of the ranches are big. I found one small ranch at 810 square feet but the biggest one was 4200 square feet!

Union Lake waterfront property sizes range from 45 feet to 3/4 of an acre. Union Lake homes and properties will be a little pricer than homes say on Cooley Lake or Long Lake right across the street.

Children living on the lake attend Walled Lake, Waterford or West Bloomfield Schools.

Union Lake home styles are:

      • cape cods
      • contemporary
      • colonial style homes
      • ranches
      • split levels

Like most Oakland County MI Lakes you have to use google earth to map the porperties to see where they are and to find out what is next to them. I always recommend to do a drive by if you can.

Union Lake homes West Bloomfield Michigan


Union Lake West Bloomfield MI      Commerce MI information

  • All sports lake                      Yes
  • Private                                 No
  • Size                                      465 acres
  • Maximum Depth                   110 feet
  • Public Access                       Yes Off Union Lake Road
  • Public Beach                        No
  • Wake restrictions                 Unknown
  • Water Source                      Unknown

DNR access Union Lake West Bloomfield MI

The Matter of Taste restaurant is on the lake.

Union Lake real estate Oakland County

Union Lake real estate Oakland County MI

Between January & October 26, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

7911 BARNSBURY AVE 1300 1300 34 1.0325 1259 1926 N
2420 ROLANDALE 1600 1600 8 0.8 2000 1950 N
2255 KEITH RD 2195 2300 43 1.6666 1380 1966 N
7601 BARNSBURY DR 2350 2350 60 0.927 2535 1969 N
7977 FLAGSTAFF ST 73000 42000 103 54.6875 768 1956 Y
2380 LAKENA RD 72500 67800 63 68.2092 994 1948 N
2050 ALPHA ST 105000 70500 55 75.3205 936 1964 Y
1654 NAYLOR ST 89500 87000 183 70.5596 1233 1934 Y
2375 KEITH RD 129999 122000 85 89.7718 1359 1967 N
2255 KEITH RD 500000 150000 1 65.2173 2300 1966 Y
1530 PETERSON ST 169900 159500 71 99.4389 1604 1996 N
2416 LAKENA RD 249000 229000 92 131.3826 1743 1994 N
2441 BURLEIGH 350000 355000 15 142.6275 2489 1926 N
7025 LOCKLIN 399900 399900 6 226.4439 1766 1979 N
2361 CIRCLE DR 449000 421000 88 238.933 1762 1928 N
7365 LOCKLIN 574450 515000 75 509.3966 1011 1955 N
7674 BARNSBURY DR 575000 520000 203 165.7634 3137 1999 N
2478 LOCKLIN LN 550000 550000 290 123.1251 4467 1966 Y
7495 LOCKLIN 849900 800000 26 200 4000 1998 Y
2275 KEITH RD 975000 885000 35 337.3999 2623 1993 N

Here are some of the homes that sold on Union Lake between January 2011 and November 2011

8103 FARRANT ST 8/31/11  250,000  251,000 278.9  900    2    1
7622 BARNSBURY DR 4/28/11  349,000  300,000 249.8  1201    2    1
7381 LOCKLIN 6/27/11  325,000  315,000 301.1  1046    2    1
8145 LOCKLIN LN 9/30/11  399,000  365,000 200  1825    5    2
7626 BARNSBURY DR 7/29/11  449,000  397,500 169.4  2346    3    2.1
7904 FLAGSTAFF ST 7/21/11  500,000  470,000 220.2  2134    3    2.1
7133 LOCKLIN 8/31/11  499,900  475,000 202.9  2340    4    2
7970 FLAGSTAFF ST 8/6/11  550,000  485,000 207.4  2339    3    2.1
7969 FARRANT ST 6/3/11  624,900  586,000 207.5  2824    3    3
7940 BARNSBURY AVE 9/2/11  659,000  600,000 204.2  2939    3    2.1
7121 LOCKLIN 9/12/11  749,900  705,000 145.0  4862    4    3.2
7668 BARNSBURY DR 1/28/11  789,000  727,500 239.4  3039    4    4.1
8136 BARNSBURY ST 3/28/11  824,900  755,000 165.3  4568    4    2.1
7850 BARNSBURY RD 7/28/11  825,000  825,000 281.7  2929    4    3.1
8123 FARRANT ST 2/14/11  1,478,888  1,150,000 240.5  4781    6    5.1


There is are some lake access homes near Union Lake.

My recommendation to you is to get a survey when you buy a lake home.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO SO.  I have a cottage on White Lake and have seen a few battles between home owners over the lot lines.  Twice I have seen where the owners were completely surprised that they did not own the land they were fighting over.  If you have a staked survey you will not have any surprise.

If you are buying a waterfront property look up the property lines at the county or the community the home is in.  I have seen lakefront homes sold that were not really Lake Front.  They had a subdivision or community access in front of them.  I have seen lot lines that angle.  Where the owners thought they owned a perfect rectangle instead it was an rectangle at an angle.

So many home owners and lake home owners assume they know the lot lines.  But many of them do not.  It is important to get a staked survey so there are not property disputes with neighbors.  On White Lake in White Lake Township there was a home sold years ago as a lakefront home.  It became a law suit when the owners found out that the neighbors actually owned the lakefront in front of their home.  They ended up letting the home go back to the bank.

I have seen several lake homes listed this year that were not actually Lake Front.  They had a lake view but they did not actually own to the lake.  It is up to you the buyer to do the research to make sure of that.

 Check out this Video of Union Lake


Union Lake Location

Because Union Lake is so big it lies in several communities It is located in West Bloomfield and Commerce Township Oakland County MI.  It is south of Cooley Lake Rd, east of Union Lake Rd, north of Willow Rd and west of Lochaven Rd.

View Larger Map

The kids that live on the lake can either go to West Bloomfield Schools, Walled Lake Schools, or Waterford Schools depending on where they live on the lake.

Union Lake West Bloomfield MI

Union Lake Fishing

  • Blue Gill
  • Crappie
  • Northern Pike
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Walleye

There are so many people that do not know anything about the lake.  Would you share with us why you love the lake?  Send me an email to and tell us about your great lake!   

 Sunrise on Union Lake MI   



Union Lake homes that sold in 2016

7980 BARNSBURY AVE 2 3 1,088 $2,500 $2,500 06/03/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
1821 UNION LAKE RD 3 4 3,032 $3,200 $3,000 09/29/2016 Lake Front
7980 BARNSBURY AVE 1 3 1,088 $270,000 $306,000 04/28/2016 Lake Front
8079 LOCKLIN LN 3 4 3,910 $529,000 $485,000 02/26/2016 Lake Front
8175 LOCKLIN LN 1 3 2,202 $549,000 $545,000 06/23/2016 Lake Front
8159 Locklin LN 2 3 2,440 $579,000 $550,000 09/30/2016 Lake Front
7601 LOCKLIN 2 3 1,697 $560,000 $560,000 08/26/2016 Lake Front
8090 BARNSBURY 3 3 1,862 $574,000 $565,000 10/11/2016 Lake Front
7107 LOCKLIN LN 2 2 1,793 $575,000 $575,000 09/27/2016 Lake Front
7904 FLAGSTAFF ST 2 3 2,135 $625,000 $600,000 08/31/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
7414 HARDISTY 2 4 2,724 $629,900 $610,000 02/18/2016 Lake Front
7253 LOCKLIN 3 4 3,100 $719,000 $690,000 10/31/2016 Lake Front
1975 ALPHA ST 3 4 3,973 $749,900 $691,500 09/29/2016 Lake Front
7475 LOCKLIN 3 3 3,515 $749,900 $705,000 08/17/2016 Lake Front
7371 LOCKLIN 3 3 3,288 $749,900 $705,000 02/05/2016 Lake Front
7452 HARDISTY 2 3 2,900 $800,000 $750,000 06/15/2016 Lake Front
2400 LOCKLIN LN 3 6 3,399 $1,050,000 $920,000 05/25/2016 Lake Front
7404 HARDISTY 3 5 4,757 $1,150,000 $1,060,000 09/08/2016 Lake Front, La

Click Here to get the latest list of lakefront homes for sale on Union Lake in West Bloomfield Twp. Mi.


Whether your dream lake house includes a fishing boat on your private dock or your very own unobstructed view of the lake, it can be found in one of Metro Detroit's 4 counties. Home buyers move from all across the country and the area to indulge in this phenomenal lake real estate market and we would love to show it off to you.

It is a wonderful lifestyle.  Learn more about enjoying life on the lake with your next waterfront or if you are selling a waterfront property.  Browse all the current MLS listings to find your dream lake home.


Wondering if you should go out and look at Union  Lake in West Bloomfield?  One of the keys is how big of a lake do you want to live on?  You can find that information below.  I always recommend to go see a lake home if you are questionable about it.  Sometimes the view or the spot on the lake will have you loving the property.

Few things are as relaxing as time on the water, and Oakland County and Southeastern Michigan is filled with beautiful lakes.  I think that is why so many people book tropical vacations each year.  Wouldn’t you like to vacation year round with your own lake house.  Each of our local lakes is unique; now see which of these fantastic Metro Detroit lakes is just right for you.   Search lake home listings in Oakland County  

You may have heard the saying about the dying man.  He never said he wished he worked another day.  He wished he spent more time enjoying life.  You should start too.  There are so many things to enjoy on a lake.  The laughter of children playing in the water is sure to put a smile on your face.  Think about being able to spend the day with family and friends on the lake.  So many great memories to be made when you buy a lake home.  I know I live on the lake myself.

Welcome to Russ Ravary’s lakefront real estate site.  Russ Ravary is one of Oakland County’s top lakes area realtor.  If it’s on the water, it’s on our site. Find every direct lakefront home in a minute or less.  Learn the details of our local lakes by browsing through our site.  It is jammed pack full of real estate listings and in-depth information about many of our local lakes. If you are Buying or Selling Lake Property contact us.  My cell is (248)310-6239.  Who better to help you than a lake realtor that knows your lake? Whether it is an all sports lake in Southeastern Michigan or a waterfront home in West Bloomfield we can help!  Who better tnat a real estate agentthat has helped hundreds of people buy and sell lake homes? If you are looking for your dream lake home in Oakland County we can help.  Below you will find great information about waterfront homes on Union Lake in         Michigan.    





There are always a Oakland County lake foreclosures coming up for sale.  But sometimes they don't say the name of the lake they are on.  So call me on my cell at (313) 310-9855 for your list of Oakland County Lake foreclosures.

Other West Bloomfield & White Lake Township Lakes and Lake homes for sale 

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To Search any Michigan Lake for lake homes for sale go to the atlas search or search by area.  I hope this helped you if you have a Michigan relocation in your future.

Russ Ravary your White Lake Township Lakefront real estate specialist 



Russ is full time realtor with 14 years of experience of finding good deals for his clients. An added bonus is that he buys a new kayak, or lawnmower, or grill, or snow blower, or lawnmower when you buy and close on a home with him. I want a free kayak when I buy my next home


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I wanted to thank for helping me get my Milford condo.  I know I limited my chances of finding the "perfect condo" by wanting a certain small area.  But you came out here whenever we found one.  It took me a year of looking but finally we found one that was the "one".  It was a short sale which I knew nothing about.  You told me about all the problems that might happen with a "short sale" and some of them did.  You were good about re-assuring me about the length of time short sales take.  But we finally got the condo!   Thank you from Courtney and I."

Kelly Przywara


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