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Russ Ravary
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White Lake  White Lake Twp MI 

White Lake Lake Information and White Lake Lake data White Lake Twp Oakland County MI


  • Cities the lake lies in                        White Lake, Highland
  • School district for the lake               Huron Valley
  • Streets around the lake are               Paved, grvel
  • City water                                         Well
  • City sewer                                         Septic
  • Canals on Lake                                  yes
  • Lots over an acre on lake                   yes
  • Water-ski course                                 n/a
  • Condominiums                                   no

 White Lake White Lake MI pictures 

  • All sports lake                    Yes
  • Public access                      Yes
  • Public access parking      18 spaces
  • Surface area                       540 acres
  • Public Beach                        No
  • Size N to S                          Roughly 1 1/2 mile long
  • Size E to W                         Roughly 1/3 to 1/2 mile
  • Maximum depth               32 feet
  • North end depth               Mostly under 8 ft deep
  • South end depth                Around 20 ft deep 
  • Lake Associations             Yes - Multiple associations
  • Wake restrictions              No wake in the canal and some bays   
  • Water source                     Part of the Huron River Watershed

White Lake homes White Lake Township Michigan

White Lake is White Lake Township's largest lake.  It is relatively a large lake with one island.  Many of the local residents park near the island and mingle and talk.  If you have a Michigan relocation in your future and you want a waterfront real estate then White Lake in White Lake Twp is a place you may want to check out.  There are lots of nice White Lake waterfront properties to chose from.   There is a small restaurant right on the lake White Lake Inn.  A great place to catch a meal.  Sometimes they have music there too.

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White Lake real estate and White Lake homes Oakland County

Homes on the east side of the lake sit above the lake.  (Ridge Rd) So there are stairs needed to get down to the lake on most of the homes on the lake's east side.  On the west and north side of the lake most of the homes are level with the lake.

White Lake properties White Lake Twp MI



Is the water calming to you?  Or the water remind you of past vacations?   If you are like me there is something magical about water!  I don’t know if it reminds me of great vacations, or good times with family from years gone by.  There is just something about water that I love.  Nothing like seeing the sun shine on the water.  If you have feelings like I do I would say you are a water person.

Your dream of living on a lake is very possible and attainable.  I have helped hundreds of buyers move onto lakes.   Oakland County Michigan lakes still have many affordable homes that have reasonable drives into Metro Detroit. You may be able to get to work in less than a half hours from some of our local lakes.  Your piece of lake real estate is waiting for you. Yes, lake homes are more expensive than a normal house.  How much is it worth to you to watch the moon over the lake on a warm summer evening.  The lake lifestyle is worth it.  It is an amazing lifestyle.  Would you like to come home at the end of a crazy, hard day to get on the pontoon and have a relaxing ride with your partner with a cold drink in your hand?  That is so possible.  Read about our local Southeastern Michigan lakes.   Here is some great info on waterfront homes on lake properties on White lake in White Lake Michigan.  Search Oakland County Michigan lake homes by map.  Zoom in on the lake or area to find your next lake home. It’s free and it’s easy! 




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White Lake front home sizes and styles vary greatly.  There are small 900 square foot ranches and bungalows scattered around the lake.  The largest home is about 10,000 square feet and has a six car garage.  It was once owned by Derrick Coleman the basketball player.


So you can almost get any type of White Lake waterfront property that you want.  There are small and large colonials, a log home, some A-frame houses, large ranches, tri-levels, and contemporary homes.

White Lake Oakland County Michigan

On the west side of the lake along Duck Lake Rd there are some lakefront properties that are deep and wide.  So you can find some homes with elbow room on the lake.  On Jackson Rd most of the lake homes are close to both the lake and the road.  The lots seem to be smaller and tighter along Jackson Blvd.            

White Lake fishing, Oakland County MI

Here are some of the fish species that are in the lake

  • Large mouth bass
  • Northern Pike
  • Bluegills
  • Walleye
  • Crappies
  • Yellow Perch
  • Smallmouth Bass
  • Rock Bass
  • Bullhead

DNR has stocked White Lake with Walleye over the years.

White Lake Map Oakland County MI

 White Lake Public access  

Located off Duck Lake Rd on the west side of White Lake.    It has a hard ramp with parking for 18 vehicles.  Has toilet facilities.  There is a charge to use the boat launch. 

White Lake White Lake Township MI

White Lake Home owner associations and citizens groups

  •  White Lake Citizens League  is a non-profit organization that helps protect White Lake water quality and issues concerning the lake.
  • England Beach homeowners association
  • LaSalle Gardens homeowners association
  • Lester Farms homeowners association
  • White Lake Park homeowners association
  • White Lake Grove homeowners association
  • Seven Harbors homeowners association


Usually there are a few White Lake waterfront homes for sale.  They are a mixture of colonials, ranches, cape cods, bungalows, and even tri-levels.  The price range of White Lake waterfront properties range from just under a $100,000 to over a $800,000 depending on the size and location of the home on White lake. Like most of Southeastern Michigan lakes there are small lake cottages built from the 1920s to 1960s now updated and converted to year round use.  And there are new built colonials and lakefront homes with all the latest amenities. Children living on the lake attend either Huron Valley Schools or Waterford Schools.

The economy has even hit White Lake residents too.  You will notice a few lake homes that become White Lake foreclosures.

Between January & October 26, 2012 here's what sold on the lake.

3536 JACKSON BLVD 800 800 17 1 800 1960 N
3381 LESTER DR 1000 1000 17 0.7037 1421 1933 N
3405 DUFFIELD 2400 2400 60 1.2428 1931 1920 N
5010 WARMBRIAR RD 16900 17600 73 30.5555 576 1951 Y
3435 DUFFIELD 21780 32800 27 20.5513 1596 1942 N
1677 LOMBARDY 79000 74000 49 73.4126 1008 1962 N
5745 LAKE GROVE DR 89000 78000 21 65.5462 1190 1956 N
5069 WARMBRIAR RD 85000 87250 52 68.2707 1278 1977 N
2380 RIDGE RD 105900 105900 70 56.2699 1882 1946 N
1774 LA SALLE BLVD 129900 129000 68 92.6724 1392 1969 N
2991 TES DR 149900 151500 25 114.3396 1325 1969 N
3371 PLEASANT VIEW DR 169500 161000 241 72.1003 2233 1951 N
3533 ORMOND RD 175000 165000 116 104.1666 1584 1913 Y
3751 CHAPIN DR 170000 175000 32 120.1923 1456 1929 N
3847 ORMOND RD 195000 195000 35 129.5681 1505 1930 N
1629 RIDGE RD 199000 201227 47 119.4225 1685 1957 N
3502 JACKSON BLVD 224500 206000 33 163.8822 1257 9999 N
1701 RIDGE RD 154513 210000 14 184.2105 1140 1979 N
3300 E CLARICE AVE 299900 274000 111 119.1304 2300 1979 N
3604 LAKEVIEW DR 289500 276000 137 162.3529 1700 1994 N
3522 RESERVE CT 299900 292700 88 126.2181 2319 1967 N
2927 SUMMIT 390000 390000 11 162.5 2400 1987 N
3252 LAKEVIEW DR 469900 440500 41 163.0273 2702 1968 N
3674 JACKSON BLVD 525000 525000 18 194.5164 2699 1997 N
3105 RIDGE RD 599900 555000 1 168.1818 3300 2005 N
1888 LOCKWOOD 1499000 1100000 34 106.2288 10355 1993 N

Lake home buyer bonus

Here are some of the homes that have sold on White Lake since 01/01/2011 up to 11/15/2011

3252 LAKEVIEW DR 6/23/11 2200  2200    2702    4    3
4208 JACKSON 9/20/11 127,000  108,500  180.8  600    2    1
2838 N DUCK LAKE RD 6/7/11 129,900  125,000  158.0  791   2    1
6165 HACKETT 7/29/11 124,900  130,000  78.1  1664    4    2
2912 ORCHARD CT 11/4/11 149,900  139,900  153.6  911    3    2
1730 N DUCK LAKE RD 5/27/11 165,000  145,000  75.6  1917    3    2
3430 E CLARICE AVE 9/1/11 114,400  145,500  106.9  1361    3    1.1
1845 GROVE 9/19/11 224,900   217,500  185.1  1175    2    2
3145 JACKSON BLVD 10/28/11 224,900  225,000  90.9  2474    4    2.1
3381 DUFFIELD 8/18/11 250,000  230,000  212.9  1080    2    2.1
3545 WOODLAND DR 7/14/11 238,500  239,600  119.4  2006    3    2.1
1977 RIDGE RD 7/21/11 274,900  255,000  194.7  1310    3    3
3991 WOODLAND DR 4/29/11 279,000  265,000  121.0  2190    4    2
4028 DUCK LAKE 9/16/11 335,000  311,000  133.9  2321    4    3
3670 N DUCK LAKE RD 9/12/11 334,900  334,900  155.4  2155    3    2.1
2591 RIDGE RD 9/8/11 899,000  701,000  121.1  5788    3    4.1

White Lake Location

White Lake is located in White Lake Township and Highland Township in Oakland County Michigan.  It is east of Duck Lake Rd, North of M-59, West of Ormond, and south of Jackson Blvd.

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It does not matter whether you live on a lake or in the city you will have some good and some bad neighbors.  Most lake home owners get along so well.  Where the problem usually arises is about lot lines.  So one of the biggest recommendations is to get a staked survey of your property.  It is worthwhile and will help keep property line disputes down.  I have heard too many stories of home owners using and thinking they owned to a certain point of land when they never actually owned it.

 Lake courtesy is simple things like not blocking your neighbors view.  You do not want to put trees or shrubs in to block your neighbors view.  It is the same thing with a privacy fence to the lake.    You are going to start a war and alienate your neighbor. 

 It is simple things to do when trying to keep the neighbor peace.  When you have a party alert your neighbor, you may want to even invite them.  Remember parking is usually at a premium on the lake.  So be courteous and do not let your guest block one of your neighbors.  As I always say be nice.  Try to do a little for them.  Most lake homes are close.  Closer than homes in many communities so stereos and noise can be a nuisance.  Be aware of that when you are listening to your favorite tunes.

 Being a good neighbor on the lake will make lake living so much better.


Russ Ravary your White Lake lakefront Realtor


2016 homes sold on white lake


284 N RIDGE RD 1 3 1,622 $159,000 $154,000 08/18/2016 Lake Front
4395 NAVARRA AVE 2 3 1,575 $229,900 $225,000 12/05/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
3701 WOODLAND DR 1 3 1,147 $229,900 $230,000 05/12/2016 Lake Front
4337 OAKGUARD 4 3 2,700 $230,000 $234,000 08/03/2016 Canal Front, Lake/River Priv
3900 HILLCREST 2 2 1,504 $239,900 $235,000 02/10/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front
2350 N DUCK LAKE RD 3 2 2,150 $299,900 $270,000 01/22/2016 Lake Front
3215 LAKE DR 1 2 2,538 $350,000 $325,000 08/12/2016 Lake Front
3083 LAKE DR 2 5 1,854 $355,000 $345,400 12/09/2016 Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
3400 E CLARICE AVE 2 3 2,280 $359,900 $355,000 12/08/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front, Lake/River Priv
2015 RIDGE RD 3 2 2,855 $405,000 $405,000 08/15/2016 Lake Front
3480 E CLARICE AVE 3 4 3,489 $495,945 $478,000 08/17/2016 Canal Front, Lake Front
2927 SUMMIT 3 3 3,082 $650,000 $595,000 07/01/2016 Lake Front
4286 JACKSON BLVD 3 3 2,969 $599,900 $605,000 10/18/2016 Lake Front
3990 HILLCREST 3 4 4,560 $849,900 $780,000 08/03/2016 Lake Front
2099 RIDGE RD 4 5 5,323 $1,025,000 $995,000 09/09/2016 Lake Front




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